Friday, June 29, 2007

getting on a jet plane

hiukei is off for another venture!

destination: Busan,Korea

purpose of trip: choke down lots of kimchi....NOT!
CM2007.... YES!

on my way back...
stop by Osaka for a night
go to a live
and meet up with friends

then home sweet home

here i go!行ってきます~

Monday, June 25, 2007

梅雨 Rainy Season

is there a rainy season in Montreal?
i don't really recall it

Japan is entering into the rainy season now
and it's not that fun
rain is ok itself
the earth needs it
just can't stand the humidity
that's all

it's better when you are outdoor
inside the office...
just felt like everything sticks together...
when you lay your arms on the desk...
the plastic on the desk and your skin just kind of stick...
and when you lift your arms up
ok! i am not good at describing sound with words
the point is it's HUMID!

other than that
life is very good in Japan

ps i gave up and joined facebook
please add me if you want

Thursday, June 7, 2007



the speed
the diversity
the extremes
the fullness
the emptiness
the business
the loniless
the brightness
the darkness
the colour
the noise
the fashion....or out of fashion
the excitment
the insecurity

i like wandering in Tokyo

15mins of enjoyment in the sky with Moncia... hehe!! we should have exchanged letters to each other on it!! HAHAHA!!

the 2 anti-social JETs...haha!! we have important things to do!! mango cheesecake and TV.. haha!!

meeting a high school friend and doing what japanese high school girls do~~! Mel, i am so happy that you are in Japan!!!