Saturday, April 24, 2010

i love pumpkin

olive oil
soy milk
some herbs and salt
let the blender does its magic

Thursday, April 22, 2010

on being forgetful

it has been 10 days
life with work and school

i love being a student again~
you feel special...and young? hehe!

one of the thing i enjoy is the communtation
driving is seriously one of the best thing on earth
a special time where i found the most relaxing
exploring new path and getting lost is always adventurous

recently instead of CD
i have my radio on
you can always pick up little insight from the radio

and this is what i picked up yesterday
the host was reading comment on aging and being forgetful

"年を取って、物忘れやすくなったけど でも、物忘れやすいのはいいことですね~
笑い番組を何回見ても 面白いと思うし、好きな映画を何回見ても 初めてな感じするから。
物忘れやすいのおかげで、いつも「初めて」を感じれるから いつもワクワクしています。初って特別だからさ。。。物忘れやすいっていいね~"

"As I am getting older, I become more forgetful. But forgetful is such a wonderful thing!!
No matter how many time I watch the same comedy show, I find it funny every time.
It always feels like the first time when i watch my favorite movie.
Thanks to 'forgetful', it's always thrilling because everything always feels like the first time.
I mean...'first' is special, right? I love being forgetful~"

I need to remember this
forgetful is a wonderful thing...

oups! what's that again?

this is an attitude i want to have

Sunday, April 18, 2010

speak my mind

maybe i have been feeling tired lately
maybe too many things are going on lately

vulnerbility is ever vivider
the desire of having a good friend who i can speak my mind out is ever deeper

distance and relationship (both romance/friendship)
the 2 are never a good combination

not able to be there when someone needs you
not having someone beside when you need

i should stop before i get too emotional

a shower and a good sleep
i will be fine



btw, don't worry
i am well
i guess all i want is a coffee, a cake, a good laugh, some mindless chats with some stupid jokes

Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's 「To do」 list...

- to clean my house
- to do my laundry
- to feed my car some gasoline
- to go to the bank and pay some bills
- to go grocery shopping
- to review (school works)
- to write 2 short reports
- to buy a birthday present for a friend
- to get a new pair of glasses
- to cook
- to call a friend (Bonnie, when is good for you?)

hopefully... somewhere in between i can squeeze in some of the followings:
- to get a good cup of coffee
- to sit down
- to read (not textbook)
- to take a walk
- to take a nap
- to be quiet
- to be alone

as for now
is time for me to go play with the kids in the kindergarden!!
this maybe the best thing of the day~
if only the weather can get warmer...

Monday, April 12, 2010

sakura...cherry blossom

Japan is irresistibly beautiful in April.

today is the 1st day for me to be a student again
it feels exciting!