Tuesday, April 22, 2008


thanks to my dear friend lucia!! haha!!
she surely knows what can make me laugh!! HAHA!! i love the panda!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Japan in April

what is the image of Japan in April?

Full Blossom of Sakura~~
it's pale pink everywhere and it's just absolutely beautiful!!
i LOVE Japan but when it comes to the cherry blossom season
i can't help but fall in love with Japan again

here is a glimpse of the beautiful SAKURA~

yesterday night...for some reason, i was craving for blueberry muffins...
so...i found the recipe on internet and started baking...
my first time baking blueberry muffins...!! haha!! nervous nervous!

after an hr of mixing and waiting...here are my blueberry muffins!!
Hmmmmmmmmmm!!! Delicious!!!! there is nothing like homemade muffins!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

rainy days and mondays


on a rainy day...somewhow the BGM in my head is always
'rainy days and mondays' by Carpenter

my dad really likes Carpenters
so i grew up listening to Carpenters

anyways, 2 and a half more hrs of work then i am done!
i need to get some sleep ><

i think the rain is making me sleepy...

what a random post..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

craving for...

a warm blueberry pie with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream
because yesterday night was 'My blueberry Nights'
(sorry Lucia...i had was just in the mood and went to see it...>< gonmen!!)

My Blueberry Nights
by Wong Kar Wai

honestly, i was scared that i wouldn't understand a thing
becuase his movies are always so abstract
and his movies are always a 'hit-or-miss' thing
but i ADORE his graphics
every scence in his films is always so elegant and eccentric
i just can't help but drawn to the theater for the movie

plus it's Norah JONE!!!!! and JUDE LAW!!!! and Natalie Portman!!!
and gosh! Rachel Weisz was stunning in the movie!
she was so sexy!!
no strange meaning!! she is just simply SEXY in a very feminine way...like when i saw her in the movie, she really got me! i was like 'WOW! she is so....WOMAN! (haha!! sorry..i don't have any better word...)

Natalie Portman...eccentric!! i love her!

Norah Jones...she is so CUTE!!

Jude Law...(i think i am secretly falling in love with him)

i don't want to ruin the movie
so i am not going to say much

on top of the amazing cast
i love the story
the very little details
the flow of the movie was perfectly in tune with my pace
the BGM
the costume
the dialogue
the scences (each scence is a piece of artwork...there are so many of them!! )

every everything

my blueberry nights
i will get the DVD

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 3 in Taiwan

day 3...
we took a bus ride and went to a beautiful place an hr away from Tapei
it's called Kyufun
it's on the hillside with small shops (mostly food) haha!!
and it has red lanterns all hang along the path

i was starving because i didn't get to have breakfast!! so...i had some fish balls!!

and 'thousand years egg'...haha!! i think that's how the chinese supermarket in Canada translated it into.
well, it's duck eggs...but fermented one...haha!!sound gross but taste GREAT!

this!!! i remember eating it with mon chan 4 years ago in Taiwan night market!!
it's rice paper (like crepe) with peanut sugar and icecream

and grilled HUGE mushroom!! so juicy!!!
this is the FAMOUS dish in Kyufun...
it's sweet potatos made into balls...it's very chewy!! mixed with different kind of beans and peas..
one word: DELICIOUS!!
we walked around Kyufun and visited many other shops...
it was a beautiful place...i was mistakened as japanese for more than 5 times though..haha!!

anyways, we took the bus back to Taipei...
and our stomachs were asking for more food..haha
so..we went to the famous soup meat buns place...xiao lon bao

close up! hehe!

and we ate steam dumplings with vege..YUMMY!

and then...something sweet!! black sesame bun!!! GOSH!! i love black sesame!!

then...how can i forget cakes?!?! haha!!

why not 2?? hehe!!
i did share them with my friends..
before we realized, it's time for supper!!!
i love how eating took such a big part of my taiwan trip...haha!
we had the soup meat buns....tofu stir fried with vege
and soya milk soup....NICE AND HOT!
then....my camera went out of battery....><
well, i had couple more dishes...haha!!

we ate a lot but we also walked a lot!!!!!!!
so i guess it balance out right?
here are some photos of Kyufun

after walking for a whole day
i deserved a nice foot massage!!

Painful but definitely relaxing!!

that's about it for my 3rd day in TW!