Monday, May 28, 2007

friends = blessing

(all pictures taken in the 21th century museum...we were closed to breaking the place apart...)

i was so blessed this past weekend to have friends from Hong Kong and Korea to come visit me
we had SO MUCH fun!!

more over we got to pray together and shared with each other what God has been doing in our life.
it's really a blessing to hear God's miracles in different people's lives.
God is so REAL!

the Korean friend is the friend of my friend from Hong Kong.
this Korean is on the Doulous (OM mission ship) currently
it was just so touching to hear her testimonies and how God is working in different countries and in different people's lives.

i guess being in my little comfortable town
i completely forgot about the harvest is near and the workers are few
it really was a wake up call for me

Japanese trully need the Lord
it's so DRY here
people are SO blessed with materialistic supplies
but their souls are so DRY

May God's mercy anoint the land of the rising sun.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

my golden week

as said before
i went to tokyo to see my friends and to Kagoshima to see my host family
it was a beautiful trip
went to places i wanted to go
ate dishes that i wanted to eat
saw friends that i wanted to see
went to see lives that i wanted to see
it's just hard to get my mode back to work!! haha!!

here are just some pictures from my holiday.

taken in Tokyo....can't believe in the middle of a metropolitan city you can find such a soothing place.

famous japanese sweet (人形焼) hmmmm...YUM!

for those who don't understand chinese...i am sorry...
but the chinese translation for ice cream is TOTALLY hilarious!! HAHA!!
and here is THE ice cream aka 氷激凌!!HAHA!!

more sweets!! chocolate banana aka choco banana

with my host sisters was a weird view...

someone has big nostrils!!

with host sisters in Aoijima 青島

this is called Koi carp (kind of fish) and they are known as fishes that swim against the flow/current
so..the japanese see them as symbol of strong/ perserverance
parents hang them outside on May 5 (children day) hoping their children will be strong in all circumstances

don't try to guess which one is HiuKei in the pictures...cos i took it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

the closer...the further...

i have been getting more and more into my life in Japan
i love it here
i feel like home being where i am now
i met lovely people, built great friendship

it's all great!!
but it suddenly hit me that i am feeling further and further away from Canada

i am physcially far from it
i am also emotionally/mentally(?) far from it

i am not only refering to the place but also my friends there
i haven't heard from friends whom i used to talk to everyday
it's nostalgic
i don't know what is happening in their life
i don't know what is worrying them
what is making them laugh
what is exciting them

it's my fault...
is it?
must be...

friends in Canada...i still love you guys a lot...
sorry for not doing a better job at keeping in touch

this post may sound saddening
but i am in a super good mood today!! haha!!
i had a great time at junior high school
the weather is GREAT!
i am looking forward for my English class and Chinese class tonight

i don't know how much i can stress
i really LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEE my life here in Japan