Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mr Children HOME TOUR 2007~in the field~

September 16
10:00 am
with friends, Bonnie, Miyuki, Hiroko
departed for Toyoma by car
LET'S GO!!!!!!!

my first time hearing Mr. Children (Japanese musician) live
i was so excited that i couldn't sleep the night before....haha!
i like the blue and white
it reflect the color of the sky

ticket in hand! all ready!

lining up for tour goods!
the T-shirts are so nice!! only if i have more money...haha!

under blue sky
on green grass

look at just the number of toilets!!
i was excited!! HAHA!

before live begins
let's picnic!
yum yum!
while we were eating, since it's an outdoor live we could clearly hear their reharsal
gosh!! although it kinda killed the excitment of anticipating of which songs will be sung at live but who could complain when hearing such beautiful music...i guess a little wouldn't do much damage...hehe

the heat totally killed us!!
the umbrella was kinda useless at the end cos the wind was just way too strong...><
so we moved to the shade and who knows what happened!!
the staff came over...
' excuse me, sorry to bother you but the members of Mr. Children and the supporting members are coming out to play a bit of soccer, it's totally fine for you to stay here but please don't take out your camera and put away your cellphone please.'
WHAT?!?!? soccer?? HERE??!!
are you serious!?!? that's like miracle!!!!!!!!
there were only about 50 ppl around us and the other 30000 obviously didn't know about it...
LUCKY! haha!!

after they left...
we HAD to rush to the field just to get a bit of the taste of stepping on the grass where Sakurai san(vocal) stepped...(haha!! ok..call me crazy..)

and jump for JOY!

this is where he shot goal!!

ok...i don't know what we are doing anymore...haha

Wait! we are here for Mr. Children's live!
ok!! time to line up and get in!

Tour truck...hehe!
and live started @ 5:15pm
i always thank God for creating people with wonderful voice
brillant lyrics writing skill
just amazing muscial talent
it definitely was one of the most amazing performance i have ever seen
the lovely part was that when they performed the song 「彩り」(colour scheme)
rainbow came out from the sky!!
not only one but 2!!!
however, with rainbow comes rain
i was totally fine soaking dancing and enjoying great music under the rain
when the fun was over
i turned around to get my stuff
which was under the seat and should be safe from the rain
i found my bag heavier than before
when i opened it...i found a little pond inside my bag
and obviously all my stuff were soaking wet
my cellphone!!!!!
my camera!!!!!
fortunately my cellphone was saved

however....my camera....
completely died on me
well, what can i do except forgetting behind and looking forward for the new camera i will eventually get....

Monday, September 17, 2007

彩り Irodori

btw the same group
Mr. Children

the tour yesterday started out with this song
the harmonica part was replaced by violin...i think?
i really really really like this song...especially the lyrics...
i will translate once i have time
their lyrics are not easy to translate though...


a song from one of my favourite japanese musician.

i just went to their tour yesterday.
bless them for making such wonderful music
bless Sakurai san for his BEAUTIFUL voice
i was touched...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

back home

back to my home in japan
quietness and fresh air

hong kong was great!
seeing my parents was great!
my cousin's wedding was beautiful!
seeing my friends was exciting!
chatting with my grandpa was precious!
eating delicious hong kong dishes was delightful!

i miss the fresh and clean air
(you had no idea how bad my nose was sneezing...everyday!! if i stay longer...i think my nose will come off)
i miss the blue sky with white clouds
i miss the stars that shine at night
i miss the quietness
i miss driving

i am glad i was in hong kong
and i am glad i am back to kawakita


Thursday, September 6, 2007


a little bit of Hong Kong for the next 5 days...6 if i add in the travelling time

definitely excited!!
not only to i get to meet friends, eat REAL chinese food
i will get to see my cousin getting married
and most important of all
i will get to see my parents!!
both my dad and my mom will be going too!!
how nice!

just 1 and a half more hour of work
then i am off

but i will miss japan...immensly...

hopefully, the next time when i blog about travelling
i will be heading to some beach resort in Thailand or Hawaii...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Japan Sea

i am fortunate to live in this part of Japan
right by Japan Sea

Japan Sea has a very different atmosphere from the other oceans (persoanl opinion)
it's very Japanese..hahaha!! (is that prejudice?)

hmm..it is very nostalgic, very quiet, very empty, very reserved...

but it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

time for my camera!