Friday, December 21, 2007



i wish i can be as articulated as my friend A

as bold as my friend B

as creative as my friend C

as diligent as my friend D

as expressive as my friend E

as faithful as my friend F

as generous as my friend G

as humorous as my friend H

as important as my friend I

as jolly as my friend J

as keen as my friend K

as lovable as my friend L

as musical as my friend M

as noble as my friend N

as odd as my friend O

as passionate as my friend P

as qualified as my friend Q

as receptive as my friend R

as smart as my friend S

as talented as my friend T

as unique as my friend U

as venerable as my friend V

as weird as my friend W

as ( ) as my friend X (whatever he/she has that I don’t)

as youthful as my friend Y

as zealous as my friend Z

sometimes, I know myself so well that it disgusts me
sometimes, I know nothing about myself that it scares me

I can be really unsettled with who I am
Am I asking for too much?
Just a little more like her? Just a little more like him?

Being 24…almost 25…
I found myself still searching my identity

I need to learn to be settled in God
(but is it normal to be unsettled with myself…just sometimes?)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

long time no photos

here you go...

november...went to tokyo with my coworker...
Disney sea and Parliament

i accidentally deleted the Disney Sea pix...which is really a pity..><

here is the parliament


the street where 'HERO' (jap drama) was filmed

kids in elementary school
love them love them love them!!!!!!

making Christmas card together~

my English Beginners Class

Monday, December 17, 2007


i need to rest

work is fun
and i love it
but i hate not being 100% when i am at work

driving is fun
and i love it
but it's extremely dangerous when i am not being 100%

eating is fun
and i love it
but even the most delicious 'Mont Blanc'(my fav cake) tastes like a piece of plastic when i am not 100% there

i need to recover from my cold
i need to rest

other than that
i am doing things that i love everyday!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

christmas x 5

starting from yesterday
i admire teacher in a new perspective
especially elementary school teahcers

i teach in japan...
that's not the main part of my job
but i do teach english to grade 1 and grade 2students once or twice (or thrice) a month
and it's usually just one hour each
which is totally perfect and FUN
i love it!
my thoart gets a little dry after the 2hrs
it simply recovers with a cup of nice hot tea

i went this elementary school that i usually don't go
the teacher asked me to talk about Christmas for grade 1,3,4,5,6 in a row!!
very tiring but fun times!
it went well and i think the kids enjoyed it
my thoart got a little drier than usual
but i thought 2 cups of tea will do

at night...
my thoart was no longer just dry but hurt!
ok...drink lots of water...go to bed early
that's what i did hoping that everything will go back to normal

i woke up this morning

my thoart HURTS!!!!
swallowing saliva seems like swallowing down hundreds of needles
i don't want to get sick!!!
i still have the grade 2 this afternoon (the grade who i didn't get to go yesterday)
i have 7 more Christmas (presentations plus party) and the real Christmas waiting for me
i can't get sick

but my voice is not coming....

i sound so gentle today...haha! but that's not what i need
i have been so quiet this morning in my office
saving for the grade 2 who i will meet in 20 mins

elementary school teachers: how can you teach everyday 6 periods in a row without hurting your thoart? teach me!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Japanese Proficency Exam

Yesterday, I went for the Japanese Proficency Exam
It's my 2nd try...
hopefully i will pass this time...
but my confidence level is....50%...??
i am pretty sure i got 60 % or above for each part
but in order to pass..i have to get 70% above...
that...i am not sure...><
oh well, it's over
if i don't pass, i will try again next year!

other than that, life is good as usual over here in my little town in japan
it's getting chilly but it's nice when we get Indian summer once in a while
my english classes and chinese class are all coming to an end..
it's kinda sad not be able to see my adult students for 4 months...
but on the other hand
i am glad that i will be able to have a break from the evening classes and recharge myself and return with more fresh and exciting teaching ideas
give me any idea by any means!

Christmas...oh Christmas...
guess where i will be this Christmas?
Fukuoka visiting my Luku! haha!
i am excited to able to see her and go to the south...well, it's not that much down south but i think it's warmer there.
i will be spending my New Year back in my little town
to have some quiet time,
to reflect
then restart