Friday, January 30, 2009

last day of january

here is a sum up of my january with photos:

let start with my birthday cakes~


the people in my town threw me a birthday party!!! so much fun!! so many blessings!
thank you so much!

and as usual...on the day of my SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!

the stillness of snow at night (park right behind my apartment) snowman of 2009

as usual...i am always surrounded with LOVELY kids!!! aren't they just COOOOOOL!! hehe! of the biggest update in january is that i became really close with a granny in my town
she lives like 2 mins drive from where i am.
at the end of the year...she invited me over and made tradition japanese rice cake together from scratch!!
and since she knows i LOVE her takoyaki (squid ball) she invited me over 2 weeks ago and we had a takoyaki home party~

here it is!!! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is my granny!! her house is filled with amazing treasure
and one of them is beautiful beautiful kimono
her kimonos are all over 30 years ago!!
but they are absolutely well kept
the most amazing thing is that the patterns on her kimonos are impossible to find in nowdays~
she let me try on her favorite one (above: dark purple with white crane)

this one is my fav!! it's just classic and simple!

that's all about my january~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

i feel the chill

it has been snowing everyday since my birthday

the whiteness is beautiful
not so the coldness

now i kinda regret having such a short hair cut
cos i can totally feel the chill on the back of my neck

hair cut 2009.01.09

Monday, January 12, 2009


i turned 26!!!

there is definitely a gap between
the image of me being 26 and the reality of me being 26

i used to think i would be wearing some very cool looking suit, in pointy heels and working in a big city...HAHA!! being all independent and career-oriented

the reality...
i am in working in a small little town in the middle of japan
wearing converse and running around with kids or hanging out with elderlies

there is a gap
but i love the reality
i love where God has placed me

reflecting on 25-26
if i need to sum it in one phrase
it will be
'It's all God's grace'

God has given me so much grace...i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO blessed

goodbye 25
hello 26

lots to look forward to~

Thursday, January 8, 2009

list of things i want to get during sales...which is now..

1. DSLR... Nikkon?? Canon?? hmm....any suggestion??
2. SHOES...i always want shoes..i have a thing for shoes...too bad my feet are too big, otherwise i probably can't stop buying shoes
3. BAG... i have been looking for a soft leather, caramel brown shoulder bag for like 2 years...
i really really like the one from Marc by Marc Jacobs (i can't a photo of it anymore..) but it's way TOOOOOOOOOOO expensive
4. WALLET... hmm...haven't found one that has my name written all over it
5. a PARTY DRESS... just because
6. NEW PAIR OF GLASSES ... just because

that's all for now...
none of the thing listed above is NEED though...they are more just WANT

what i really NEED is a hair hair looks horrible
i am actually getting it cut tomrrow!! YEAH!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

it's already 2009!!!
time passes by way too fast.


-need to manage my time WELL! (use it efficiently)
-start studying (seriously!)
-and more....

Hope 2009 will be a year that filled with blessings and joy!