Friday, April 27, 2007

little trip

the coming up will be what the Japanese called Golden Week
it's kinda like March Break
and of course
i will travel a bit too

Tokyo first (AGAIN?!?! yes...again)
then to Kagoshima

i am really excited to go to Kagoshima...cos i will get to meet my host family!!
for those who are wondering 'WHAT? HiuKei's host family??'
Well, when i was an exchange student in Osaka, I went on a 2 weeks homestay program in's why i have a host family in Kagoshima..

it's just exciting!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm loving it!!

milk...i love the cup!!

chocolate pie and apple pie!! love the design too!! so colourful!!

this is really good!! it only serves in breakfast...

this is a filet-burger...but instead of's shrimp!!
so GOOD!!!
(shrimp in japanese is ebi)

i finally gave in and tried out McDonald in Japan

GOSH!! are they good or what??

the menu is a little different and so is the size
and don't you find the wrapping is so much more creative/ colourful than Canada??
or i am just biased

Sunday, April 22, 2007

a nice day

What is better to do than to take a nice walk outside with a bunch of cute kids?!?
"HiuKei san, kore ageru!! (Miss HiuKei, here!) "
running towards me with a hand full of full bloomed dandelion
"Arigatou" (thank you!)
Thank you
(^0^) /

Saturday, April 14, 2007


living alone
the easiest and the fastest dish to have is



fish attack!

in japan
you can always find raw fish in the menu
well, raw fish may sound disgusting
but they are extremely delicious!!
especially since i live near the sea
there are always supply of fresh seafood in the area
me and my friends just decided to have a little fun with the fish
don't worry, we don't eat the fish heads
they were there for decoration

Friday, April 13, 2007

ready to fight!

i did a year of kendo in my first year of univeristy
started with the interest of meeting Japanese friends
i had no idea what kendo was
but ended up staying for a year in the kendo club
because it was fun
the sport itself is quite opposited of my character
clear mind
it's all one on one
can you imagine me picking up a fight??
anyways, i stopped going for practice for like 3 years
not that i am not interested in it at all
just lack of time (what a lame excuse)
when i applied for the JETs position
i put down kendo for 1 year in my CV just to show them i am interested in Japanese culture!! (other than japanese TV dramas)
one of my collegues is a kendo teacher
and being friendly and all
he welcomed me with two brand new kendo swords when i arrived Japan
and found out where i can practice kendo
i didn't see myself picking up kendo again
but i couldn't say no to his generosity
so i started practicing again
the dojo i go to (dojo is the place where you practice) is all kids!!'s the cutest thing to see a little grade one kid in his full gear and practicing
as for me
i am just trying to retrieve my knowledge of kendo by quitely praticing on the side
the best part during the practice is i get to practice with the sensei (teacher) one on one when all the kids left
i think i am liking it more and more

Saturday, April 7, 2007

more beauty

these are all taken along Asuwa River (足羽川) located in Fukui Prefecture
simply beautiful!

Friday, April 6, 2007

simply beautiful!

took a trip to the famous "Kenroku Garden" before i headed for the special Easter Worship/Prayer service tonight
I now totally understand why the Japanese called Kenroku Garden one of the best 3 gardens in Japan


the following picture is the reflection of the picture above
(reflection from the lake)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

i made it!!!

hiukei's new resolution:

1st dish to challenge: HAMBERGUR

why?? no particular reason...haha!!
probably because it's something that is easy to pack in a lunch box it is...RAW

here it is...COOKED!
(two are still frying on the pan)
i was planning to make a sauce with it too...but i realized i didn't have any thing other than soya (sp?) will do.

and most importantly
the taste???

DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really!! i am not trying to sell myself but it was suprisingly GOOD!

i am just so happy!!! (or just proud of myself!!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

chocolate or candy?

i absolutely prefer chocolate over candy

i don't i think i can fast from chocolate (unless God gives me a very clear revelation)
especially dark chocolate
just the thought of it
my friend suggested these chocolates to me recently
not only are they wrapped in EXTREMELY cute designed paper
they are EXTREMELY delicious!!!!
the size is just perfect
the variety of it just make the chocolates extra fun to eat
the price is also very reasonable
if you ever see something similar
please try it out!

Monday, April 2, 2007

waiting to bloom...

you can vaguely see my town in the background...the building next the the triangle building is where i work
it's an extremely peaceful town
the rice peddles are getting ready for this year also

this is the path along the river
in 2 sunday (4/15) there will be a Sakura Walking Festival in my town
enjoying the cherry blossom and taking a nice walk in a spring morning

人事異動 Personnel Transfers

this transfer happens in Japan
every April

some ppl get transferred
some stays

it's the weirdest thing ever
the employees have no say in this whole process
the only way is to accept or quit

you can be transferred to a position that you have no qualification for
well, for example
this april
a daycare teacher was just transferred to work in the residents section in the city hall...
i don't know why
it just doesn't make any sense to me

little clarification:
in my town
the daycares are also under the control of the local government
as long as you work under under the control of the local government
you are expected to work in all different departments

teachers are expected to transfer between schools in the same prefecture
from elementary schools to junior high schools

my first personnel transfer in japan (not like i am gonna get transfer to anywhere..haha)
3 of my favourite persons that i met here are getting transferred...

1)kacho(my manager) Mr. Y
he is a very very very nice person
kind...a little slow...funny
haha!! he gave me rice and veggies and bread
although he is just transferred to another department (only 2 floors above)
it's kinda sad not being able to be in the same office anymore

2)English teacher in junior high (M san)
she is definitely one of my fav persons here in japan
it's a lot of fun helping out in her English class
she is like my sister. friend
we clicked the first time we met
although she still lives very close by
it's kinda sad not being able to be in the same classroom again

3)journalist (local newspaper) (H san)
he is also definitely one of my fav persons here too
i don't remember when i met him but he always attended all the events and the English classes that i organized (for newspaper)
he is moved to another area of the prefecture which is a bit far from where i am
it's kinda sad not seeing him in my events anymore