Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my first experience to


it was not in the real indoor Kabuki hall
but outdoor!!!
the effect was just AMAZING!!!

the Kabuki performance i went was played by
the top Kabuki actor (Kanzaburo NAKAMURA) and his 2 sons
i was fortunate to see the live performance of one of his famous acts 連獅子(renjishi)

before...i had absolutely no interest in kabuki
after... gosh!! i want to see more!! hehe!!
next goal: see kabuki in THE kabuki hall in Tokyo!

my jap granny went with me :)
why were we in raincoats? HAHA!!
it was about to rain...(thanks God it didn't)
but the raincoat saved our life
because it was so windy!! ><

but hope that next time when i go see kabuki
i can be in a beautiful kimono...hehe!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

me...and my dogs

can someone get me a real dog?

thanks for the cute front door!
whoever the house belongs to~ ^_^

Thursday, September 17, 2009


don't ask me why
but i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVE jumping for pictures
so much fun!!
sometimes it really challenges your patience and persistency
but the sense of satisfaction
having the photo RIGHT (where everyone is in the air at the same time)

here are just some...i have more...hehehe..yes..lots more~

me, B, Mi jumping on the field where Sakurai san(vocal of Mr. Children) just shot a goal..

my first conference with B
we were bored at night...hahaha!!

thanks B for jumping with me!!
i miss you!!

this was just taken by my cousin ak last week with my dear friend yoshiko sama~
hehe...i love it!

the jumps will continue...
btw, i couldn't help but went back to the bookstore yesterday after work
and finished my last 3 chapters of 'Interpretor of Maladies'
definitely a good read!!
then i started 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald
i think i have to go back to the bookstore again....SOON~
ahhhhhhh...why are English books so expensive in japan?!? ><

Monday, September 14, 2009

In Japan, autumn is the season for...

1) sports (スポーツの秋) 
2) arts/culture(芸術の秋) 
3) food/appetite(食欲の秋) 
4) reading(読書の秋)

since i really want to work on my reading habit
i took the chance and started to read...

here is what i have been reading

- 'Interpreter of Maladies' Jhumpa Lahiri

This is composed by short stories. I love it! I wanted to read a little before deciding to buy or not...but then i just couldn't stop!! i need to go back to the bookstore..i have 3 more chapters left...haha! i am so cheap!! i know...

-'お菓子手帖' by 長野 まゆみ ('notebook of sweets' by Mayumi Nagano)
It's basically an autobiography of the author expressed through the history of sweets she have had. It's fun to read~ I love all the little details she included...the wrapping, the colour, the smell...etc.

-'Loulette' by Claire Clement (ルウとおじいちゃん)

I love reading children literature. I just started the 1st chapter and it's very sweet already.
I am reading it in japanese though...

Friday, September 11, 2009

kakukaku shikajika

he is my new addiction~

i don't really care about the car
but i am in LOVE with 'Kaukaku Shikajika' (his name)
i love him especially when he does the twisting dance

look up

you can see the beautiful autumn sky~
the blue
the white
the yellow
the green

the harmony is just perfect~

this is the path i go for my daily walk~
is amazing, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ak and yoshiko

me and my cousin are having too much fun trying and posting at the shop
don't worry we didn't leave the jackets there...
we brought them home with us~
me and my cousin actually got the same hat too...
now we have matching hat and biker jacket~
we are charlie's angels!! (so as the sales person said....haha!!)

me and yoshiko with 'our boys'
thanks to my cousin for introducing me to yoshiko
we share the same obession with jdrama and...boys??
but she is definitely way ahead of me...hehehe!!

it was definitely rewarding for me to spend some quality time with my cousin and yoshiko
thanks for the wonderful crazy time together~
i miss you both~

Monday, September 7, 2009


i started to like and enjoy cooking a lot for the past 2 years
here are some of the pix of food i had made...
i should keep a better record...
food journal...maybe?!?

#1: mexican style Doria aka rice casserole (in mexican style)
since it's mexican, i replaced white sauce with chilli tomato meat sauce
top with lettuce, sliced tomato and cucumber, and cheese crisps (melted cheese on fry pan)

#2: chicken wings (soy sauce and garlic)

#3: spinch curry with 1/2brown 1/2 white rice

#4: chicken (mixed with mushroom, lotus root, scallops, green onions) stuffed 'fat cucumbers' with scallop sauce

#5: taiwanese style meat balls

#6: veggie burgers (tofu burgers)

#7: fig almond whole wheat oatmeal yogurt honey muffins
(this is actually a result of me trying to get rid of food in my cupboard and fridge... and it turned out super delicious!!)

#8: lunch box for picnic (rice balls:a)brown/white rice, b)plus black sesame, fried sliced potatos with parsley, mushroom fried with scallops, pepper/carrot/onion stir fry, fried egg roll, mini hamburgers)

please share your cooking wisdom!!! i am just a baby in this cooking world!

i wanted and i got...

maybe i am too implusive

credit card is not a good thing to carry around with me...haha!!
or it is a good thing?

i refrain myself from browsing etsy...(what a dangerous tempting site!!)

but i made 2 shopping last week

1) black leather biker jacket (i am in love with it!!it's too hot to wear now though)
it's kinda and my cousin ak and yoshiko got the same jacket together!! haha!! the sales lady was smelling...A LOT...when the 3 of us lined up at the cashier..i think the 3 of us totally made her quota (for the week?!? HAHA)

2) my cousin is good at explaining how great RICOH camera works
i was thinking about it a month ago since my SONY is acting funny on me
with a little push from my cousin...i made the move

now this baby is sitting next to me! HAHAHA!!

i wanted and i got

and hmm...i think it's time to stop..

no more...

ps. i just read the def. of implusive on my friend's blog
implusive is acting without forethought...
so..i guess i am NOT implusive afterall..

hehe!! just trying to justify my purchase..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hula hula hula

a little stage performance on aug 9th
so much fun!!!

a list

just a random list of things on my mind

- cooking (finding recepies that are easy and delicious is great joy!!i will blog about cooking later...there's just too much to say!)
- eating healthy (that's related to cooking in a way i guess)
- hula dance
- buzzer beats (jap tv drama...haha!)
- finding yummy cafes, restaurant, cake shops, bakeries
- ways of eating avocado
- thinking about my future...(a fun n tough one)

i am seeing my cousin and yoshiko sanma very soon
and mon ちゃん too!!!
i can't wait!!!