Thursday, April 30, 2009


i love spring
it's beautiful

just enjoying the sun, the breeze, the flowers,...spring
and having some fun with my first DSLR camera

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


april 19, 2009 sunday

Give thanks to the Lord
He listens to prayers
He really does

thank you to those who have been praying
it means a lot to me~
thank you so much!

Monday, April 13, 2009

lovely weekends

it's already april!
the weather is finally getting nice and warm
i love it because i can cycle or walk around the town and the city
it's just beautiful~

i have been blessed with great weekends since April

last week
a friend came to visit from Tokyo
and we just had a blast!!!
Hot spring trip
Delicious food
Great times together
thank you so much!!

this week
althought i had to work on sunday
but i had a great time
nice walk, great chat with my a japanese grandma, and an AMAZING delicious supper with great companies (gosh!! the food was really really good that night...hmmmm...豚太郎!!また行くぞ!!笑)
took it slow...nice walk...discovery of new cookie shop(gosh!DELICOUS!!!) museum...cherry
i love date on my own
so relaxing!!
woke up EARLY for work ><
but it's ok...nice weather and got to see lots of cute kids~
afternoon... to Fukui for Cherry Blossom (hiukei's annual event)
great weather and lovely time

-pictures will be posted later...