Monday, July 30, 2007


thanks Ancafe for such a wonderful time!!!
I had SO MUCH fun yesterday night!!
just so glad the live house is so small!! HAHA
i was so closed to Miku...only wish i can stand on the first role

Can't wait till August...the outdoor live in Osaka!!

ps. Ancafe is a band...hehe...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

relaxing evening after work

it has been a while since i don't need to rush to anywhere after work
it's kinda weird
i am not all that use to the free time
i think i like to be busy
hmm...not TOOOO busy
but the kind of busy that can keep me occupied
if i am a glass
i would like the water to fill up about 70%
that's the kinda of business i can handle

anyways, it's nice to have a 50% or even less sometimes though
i went for a bike ride
enjoying the greeness of the rice peddles
the orangness(?) of the sunset
took a nice long bath
did some cleaning in the house
watched some TV
and went to bed

i like it

Friday, July 20, 2007

L'arc en ciel

i have talked about this band before...i believe... and my friend drove 2 hrs to the prefecture next to us to see their live

all is to say


Hyde (vocal) has THE most amazing voice!
Just love it!!
2 hours of live is just WAY TOO SHORT!!!><
i wish it never ended...


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

brief overview of last week in busan

this is where it all happened...

people...people and people

warm welcoming from the Koreans

finally found my evil twin!!! it's pretty amazing considering there were 20000ppl...and we found each other!!

seeing dear friends that i never thought i would see!!! JILL!!!!!!!! i love you!!

my touring team!! LET'S GO!

hold a star fish in the aqurium!!

don't you just LOVE how spooky it is!!

started new friendship and we quickly became shopping buddies!

fish market

lots of seaweed

at the bank

shopping and eating

it was yummy!!!

time for a group photo! KIMCHI!

lunch time with 20000 people!


time for some local street snack!


the Korean mother was so eager to get into the photo!

made friends with japanese! YEAH!! my other roots! haha

went shopping together in supermarket....instant noddles

korean spicy rice cake

chatting in Korean Starbucks

celebration!!!'s only just the beginning of movements! GO!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


we are so blessed to have the power and freedom to pray and worship

last week had been a week of worshipping, praying, reflecting and learning with 20000 passionate fellowers of Christ
i am just so blessed
there is nothing better than worshipping our Creator

may Your name be magnified