Tuesday, November 24, 2009

movies weekend

Laputa is on TV!!!
oh! how i love Miyazaki Hayao's work~
Sheeta and Pazu...
i think i really should get the full collection of his works so i can watch them at home whenever i want.

finally rent the DVD...
what a movie!!!
it's saddening though...
but just say...i REALLY like it~

sunday: went to the cinema!!
(has it been a year?!?)
anyways, it's good!!
but definitely too scary for children to watch...or i am too chicken?!?

want to see:
- 'This is it'
- the Pixar moive with the old guy flying in his house with balloons...what's the title?!?

any suggestion for movies?!?
btw, melli, if you are reading this...what's the movie you told me with the french title?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello, Ms. Ringo

(this is not the image from the CM...just the new promotion poster of the band)

it has been a while since i see her on TV

and again~ just love her presentation...her outlook, her style, her uniqueness, her songs...everything~

so happy that she is in one of my favourite CM

Watering Kiss Mint (youtube)

Watering Kiss Mint (homepage)

check it out~

and i just realized her band will be on tour this spring!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

building blocks

just got back from the annual conference (work related) in Tokyo
it's my 4th one this year
and it can get quite repetitive

but this time...there was one 3 hrs workshop
where we just...hmm...build things with blocks

yupe! you heard me!

but it was so much fun!!!!!!!!
who could have thought that building blocks could last us for 3 hrs!?!

the beautiful piece of work by team HS ABC~
good job guys!

Friday, November 6, 2009

how cute~

don't you just love the japan post box?!?

the box
side 1

side 2

side 3

side 4

i am keeping the box
and i am just creating more junk in my house...