Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 2 in Taiwan

day 2 in taiwan...
the continue of the journey of taiwan gourmet!!

first...started off with a nice cup of soya milk!! YUM! favourite taiwanese breakfast: crepe like thing with egg and green onion

rice cake (mochi) with peanuts

from this stand..i bought fried taro cake


then..i ate some kind of rice in a form of saussage

HUGE meat ball.. cut in small pieces with vege in it

it's a mixed of fish ball...meat ball...raddish?? gosh!! i don't know!! haha but it was good

then...time for BEER!!!!!!!! it's so light!! haha tasted like Pierre

taiwanese soup noddles...with my fav. taiwanese style meat ball!!

my eating companies~ hehe! we had deep fried oysters too!! so good!

and time for sweets!! hong kong style sweet beans...tofu... DELICIOUS!!!

it's a surprise!! it's my fav hong kong dish!! and i found it in taiwan!!
it's shrimps wrapped in rice paper??...GOOOD!!

and the day 2 ended with superb delicious wanton!! it's so BIG and so GOOD!!!!!!!

it's about 11 pm...taiawnese ppl eat LATE!!!!!!! hah!
side note: taiwanese motorcyclist rocks!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 1 in Taiwan

other than my friend's wedding...
my purpose being in Taiwan is to eat!!
here are the food i ate on my first day in Taiwan

meat bun...first fried on the bottom then...steamed

taiwanese noodles...(haha!! i don't know any other better explanation..)
all in all..YUM!!

Tofu one with with tapioca

some kind of herb jello...mixed with red beans and other stuff inside
what's the word again?

after walking for a bit...cake with red bean paste...and fruits..

taiwanese noodles again..haha!! this is at the night market..
oh!! i love night market!!!!!!!!!

stink tofu...fermented tofu...haha!! it may sound disgusting...but it is so good!!!!!

same kind of toful...but instead of deep's boiled in soup..yum!
spicy!!!!!'s oyster...hmm..kind of like pancake.. but not pancake...
it's better to taste it yourself...haha!!

fried pancake like thinggy...with green onion and egg...

the BIGGEST fried chicken i have ever seen!!
it's double the size of my head!!!
it took five of us to finish it!! haha!!

deep fried mushrooms!!!

drinks!! i forgot to take a picture of another drink that i had...
well, this is indonesia style milk tea...
it was put in a plastic bag!!! so cool!!
delicious too!!
so...that kinda summed up all the food that i had on my first day!
there are so many dishes i had to try!! thank God i had 5 more days left.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taiwan 2008

i went to Taiwan last week...for about 6 days...mainly for my friend's wedding
it's trully a blessing for me to witness my dear friend's wedding
i wanted to cry...but i was busy helping her to change...haha!!
she was beautiful~~

I am happy.
because their love for each other is based on their love for God.
I am happy.
because seeing them, i know that true love does exist.

i also got to see some friends that i haven't seen in like 2, 3 years!!! it was GREAT!!! nice time catching up with each other~~ keep each other in prayers~

Saturday, March 8, 2008

my lovely grade 9 students

last thursday
i had my last class with my grade 9 students
so sad that i won't be able to go to their graduation ceremony...

so sad to say goodbye
but i am excited for their future

thank you

thank you for the lovely memories you guys gave me
thank you for your youthfulness
thank you for your laughters
thank you for allowing me to play a part in your jr. high school memories
thank you for reminding me to dream, to dare, to challenge and to be excited for tomorrow
i will miss you a lot

i am already missing you

the song my students will perform at the graduation ceremony 「三月九日」
they beautifully sang the song...getting teary...Q_Q...