Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a little trip

july has been a hectic month
but it has been a month filled with fun and joy and friends and new things

out of the craziness
i was able to squeeze in a 4 days trip to Taiwan

this trip was all about friends and...food..haha!
first photos of friends

here is my beautiful friend!!! she is just the sweetest person!
Nobue chan, Arigatou!!! MUAH

well, ok...maybe i will throw in some photos of food~


ok..this CUTE/ADORABLE baby is one of the main reason i went to taiwan this time!

these 2 kids too!! i miss them sooooooooo!

i love you lisa!! all the humidity and the oil~ YUCKS! HAHA!

how can you forget foot massage!!

this is where i grew up!! (from age 1-4) thanks lisa for finding it with me!

rainbow in taipei

Sunday, July 5, 2009

woke up too early on a sunday morning

from my fridge:
-fresh blueberries

from my cupboard:
-whole wheat flour
-baking powder

a little bit of measuring
a little bit of mixing
a little bit of waiting

blueberry-lemon yogurt scones!!

freshly out of the oven
D E L I C I O U S!!!!!!!!!!

with a satisfied stomach
i am ready for church~

Saturday, July 4, 2009

i am loving it~

never thought i would post my feet
just that i really really really like the pedicure i got today

1st pedicure in my life
such an enjoyable experience!!

gosh...this can get addictive

sandles from now on~

Friday, July 3, 2009

supper @ the T sister's

last saturday
i was invited over to the T sisters for supper

how can i say no to
delicious homemade cooking

Here i go! お邪魔します~

as i walked in, i can tell from the smell that today's supper will be GREAT!
sister #2 is showing her skill with the WOK!

after a bit of waiting and chatting
VOILA! here are the food~

salad with beef
ok...i am not good at food crediting...so...go ahead with your imagination

spring roll (vitenamese style)
smoked ham/ sashimi salmon

garlic shrimp
the shrimps were soaked with garlic, black pepper and olive oil for 5 hrs before cooking...
oh...love the smell and the taste!!

last but not least
loco moco

hydrangea on the table
pleasure for the eyes

say cheese!!

just love the eyes~

lovely companies + delicious food
what can i ask for more?

thanks for the lovely evening!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

summary of june

1st: Happy Birthday Canada!!!

ok...i have been very very VERY busy (or lazy) to blog

lots happened since the last post
let's see...

June was just packed with jr high, elementary, daycare and afterschool program visits...lots of kids..lots of games...lots of 'Hello' 'Goodbye' songs...lots of fun

fireflies watching...amazingly beautiful!!!
no...no...not just 1 or 2 fireflies...but lots flying above the rice peddles...the sight was just stunning!!

lots of time with my japanese granny aka ba-chan

spending some quality times with my beautiful Indian friend...getting to know the culture and the food~(i love chai!)

all my language classes ended last week...so, lots of potluck parties~ which was GREAT! i love potlucks!!

that's a very brief summary of June

july will yet be another busy month~
with some little events
with some little travels
with a few goodbyes...(the sad part)