Saturday, February 28, 2009

ポロリ ポロリ


don't know why...

ポロリ ポロリ

ポロリ ポロリ




Wednesday, February 25, 2009

songs i listen to a lot recently

Mr. Lonely

this is also a cover version by bank band

orginally sung by 玉置浩二

ps. don't you just love the vocalist? hehe!! i personally think he has the cutest smile!!

songs i listen to a lot recently...

'a vocalist's ballad'
(thanks Bonnie!!)

this is a cover version by bank band
it's orginally sung by another singer 斉藤和義

i like it because the lyrics is very sweet

songs that i listen to a lot recently...

'breath waiting for spring'

Monday, February 16, 2009

valentine in japan

looking at photos from friends' blogs, facebook
i wish valentine's day in Japan is celebrated as canada or HK
in another word 'the CORRECT way' do ppl celebrate in japan? you may wonder...

well, basically
it's a day for males to recieve chocolates from females

it can be 'giri choco'---females give chocolates to guy as a 'duty'
usually just to co-workers

then there is 'tomo choco'---females give chocolates to their friends

last but not least: 'honme choco'---females give chocolate to their true love

it's also a day for girl to confess her love to the boy she has feelings for.

it may sound crazy to some of you...
but that's the way japan is...

after living here for 2 years
i forgot about how Valentine's day trully is until i saw the photos of my friends recieving bouquets and presents...

the ironic part about Valentine's Day in Japan this year is that
they are promoting 'gyaku choco' aka 'reverse choco' this year
where guys give chocolates to the girls they love

reverse??'s all probabaly just some business strategies from the chocolate manufatures.

well, i guess White Day makes it up...
can't wait till March 14th~ hehe!!

despite wishing for a 'non-japanese' style Valentine
i had so much fun preparing Valentine sweets~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

snowman festival

this is a small local festival in a small district called Shinamine with about a population of 1100

this festival only held once a year for one evening only

each household is responsible to make snowmans according to the number of own household including pets (dogs, cats)

so there are about 1100 or more big and small snowmans!!!

as a montrealer, i wasn't all exctied about seeing snowmans...
but to my surprise...Japanese snowmans are way cuter than the ones in montreal!!!!

the festival wasn't just filled with snowmans but also lots of foodstands with yummy traditional japanese dishes!!!!!!!!!

i was satisfied!!! haha


my new friend from India...Rashmi~!!
i had so much fun with you!! thanks!

it's asking for a name!! any good idea of name for this lovely camel?

stuffed with potato...

potato eyes....potato mouth...haha

Monday, February 9, 2009

at peace

last week was definitely not a stable week for me...emotionally and physcially

i was sick...had a fever head was all about staying in japan or not?
and the question slowly evolved to is being a counselor in japan truly what God's plan for me?
and then...the next question was: how can i really find out what God's plan for me is??

talked to my friends...myself...people from universities...

i wanted to stay...but i didn't have peace about that decision
i guess my ultimate fear was what if i don't pass the entrance exam even if i stay an extra year here to study

yet...God knows...he knows me so well and he loves me soooooooooooooooo much!

it's amazing how simple it is...

i was at church yesterday
we were singing 'Blessed be your name' during worship

Blessed Be Your name
When I'm found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed Be Your name
Every blessing You pour out
I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say
Blessed be the name of the Lord

when i was singing out the lyrics
it hit me soooooooo deeply

YES! whatever situation it maybe... passing the exam or not...STILL i will proclaim: BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!

You give and take away
my heart will choose to say
Blessed be your name

YES! my heart will choose to say: Blessed the Your name

God just put his peace into my heart
that was the exact assurance that i needed from my Heavenly Father

i am staying
i need to make this year worth staying for by STUDYING HARDDDDDDDDD
weahter i pass the exam or not
i will have peace
becuase i know that God already has the BEST blueprint for me

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

what's next...?

it's February
my best way to welcome February 2009
is by getting sick...
yupe...on sat: i was sneezing like crazy in the library...i blew my nose so much that i think it was nump...haha

on sun: went to the middle of sermon...i was mind was...
i think i had a fever then...i wasn't sure...i managed to get home and just stared at the TV...before i realized...i think i was burning...>< haha!! went to bed early

on mon: took a day fever was gone...(thank God!) went to see the doctor...thankfully it was just a flu not influenza... went home...and slept more...

today: back to work and going to the elementary school later...hopefully i can handle the hyper kids~ God, give me strength!

referring back to the title: what's next...?

i rarely share about personal PERSONAL thing on my blog but i want prayers for this so here...

i planned to finish my current job at the end of july and apply for grad school in japan
in japan...i need to go through an entrance exam for grad school which is around September
i thought i will be prepared for it if i start studying now...
i did some research and actually started to study since the beginning of January
however, i slowly realized that there are a lot of materials and that they are all in japanese double/triple the difficulty of it.
and i made contact with a professor and he gave me some very practical advise
which let me think that even if i try to study the best from now on...i would be only 50% ready by September.
i need more time..1) looking for a grad school that really fits me 2) planning and writing my research plan 3) studying

so...i was thinking...maybe i should extend my contract for one more year and use this year wisely to prepare for this entrance exam...

should i? should i not?

and the more i think...the more i wonder:
is staying in japan/ going to grad school in japan/ becoming a counselor in japan really where God wants me to be?

hmmmmmmm.... to be honest...i really don't see anything other than continuing my education in japan...i love Canada...but my passion is in japan...
so...does this passion mean something?

seeking God's will in my's not easy and it doesn't come fast

but i have to reply my work about extending my contract or not by Feb 10.

ultimately, what i need to do is put down my plan and allow God's plan to work in my life, right? dear friends, if you can, please remember me in your prayers~

thanks so much!!

i might sound desperated...(i am...) but God is still good and faithful!
i can't wait to go see the lovely kids in 30 mins~
hopefully i won't give them my cold! haha!