Friday, June 24, 2011

my oasis

Life is just a good way
apartment hunting,
goodbye speech, tears,
papers filling, data collecting

it's hard leaving 5 years worth of life
but it's definitely exciting entering into the unknown (well, partly unknown...i am not that adventurous)

well, between all these chaos
my oasis was found in movies...animation to be exact for this post
i am usually not a big fan of animation except for Hayao Miyazaki

but recently i have found a new love
Sylvain Chomet 
I actully found out about him from "Hayao Miyazaki's reommendations" corner at the DVD rental shop

"Les Triplettles de Belleville" was just simply fun to watch
the music is playful and i love the artwork

Tonight...i am going to treat myself to a movie at the cinema
it's a miracle that they are showing it on screen here in Ishikawa
it's a sign!!!
must go!!
reports? online lecture? packing?
oh...they can wait...

and guess what?
it's July soon!!!
what does that mean?
Giburi's film will be shown on TV every fridays in July!!!!

                                                oh...pure joy!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

between "An Education" and "Hors de Prix"

Finally got to rent the 2 movies I have been longing to see
"An Education"
"Hors de Prix (Priceless)" (thanks melli!!!)

both are EXACTLY my kind of movie

simple but fun (convey a clear message)
great acting
beautiful setting (France and England...oh...Europe...i long for you)
AWESOME costume
   (seriously!!!goggled whenever the protagonists have a new outfit on...)
   (i...who rarely wear dresses except on special occasions... am now dying to wear one)
last but not least...
the protagonists!!
How can anyone resist the charms of Carey Mulligan and Audrey Tautou?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

start it right

you know your day just can't go too wrong
when you can sleep in till 10
cook a nice bowl of oatmeal

turn on the tv
play the DVD that you rented yesterday

sprinkle some cinnamon and add a hint of maple syrup
go back into your blanket again

with that bowl of oatmeal

i love mornings on saturday

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

about English...(the language)

to start off with
i am not good at English
although is the language i am most fluent at (i chinese is funny, my cantonese sounds even funnier, my japanese has huge room for improvement and don't even mention about my french...)

English is a VERY VERY VERY difficult language
the longer i teach it
the more i realize how difficult it is

my English students always asked me very interesting and challenging questions
which makes me feel totally incompetent
but i LOVE it!!

here is my secret confession
i never thought i would say it but
english is...hmm...quite sexy
i think i am slowly falling in love with the language

maybe it's about time for me to relearn the language

Hello, English
Nice to meet you