Friday, June 27, 2008

a search for...


you can find it on a fence

on a trunk

on the ground with fallen leaves

on a water pipe

Bonus faces:

half smiling

here are my siblings

we are the triplets!!

it was fun looking for smiles and faces
to my surprise
they are everywhere!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dine out~

It's been a while since I had dinner with the T sisters and Bonnie.
Thanks to Bonnie's bf, we finally got to have dinner together!!

it's always full of delicious food and crazy laughters at the table with the T sisters

and the great news is that
2 out of the 3 sisters will get married this year!!

one in sept and one in nov
i can't wait!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

continuous combat in life

why is weight so easy to gain
but so hard to lose?

why is money so hard to save
but so easy to waste?


More determination!!!

the wedding bells are ringing!!
obviously, that's NOT me.
i have been getting news of engagement and wedding one after another for the past month
my japanese tutor from Osaka University is getting married this month
my friend in Canada is getting married next month
2 of my friends got engaged
2 of my Japaese friends are getting married in fall

i am so happy for them!!!!
there are just too much joy for me to handle
which is a good thing
how can too much joy be a bad thing?!?

marriage seemed (still does) very far to me
not that i don't want to get married
i would LOOVVVVVE to get married
get married now? Naaaaa....a little too early?
(maybe i have the illusion that i am still only 18)
but all these happy news
it hit me (and maybe broke my little bubble of illusion)
'ah....I am already in the age zone of marriage...hmmm....'

before my wedding bells start to ring
i still have to finish my current job and to graduate from grad school(hopefully)

金城豆さん、私の先にしてね~(笑)今知ってる広東語を使って すぐ見つけるからね(笑)!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jason Mraz Ft Colbie Caillat - Lucky

this track is from a CD that i bought recently
Jason Mraz "We sing, We dance, We steal things"
i really like this guy's voice and the amazing thing about this album is that it's filled with different style of music. it's pop, rock, jazzy, funky, playful.
it's just fun to listen.

and Lucky is just one of the songs i listen over and over again recently
the harmony is so soothing to my ears.

already june

it's already june!!
time really flies...

there are nothing much too new in life
except enjoying my days in Japan

i recently found a very nice bakery
it's very small, sitting in a corner of an alley
white with some red
i have never been to France but somehow to me it has a French atmosphere...
you know...little barkey that you can see in a France postcard

the bread there are sooooooo GOOD!
the croissant, the bagel, the loaf...hmmmm!
the owner and his wife are super nice people!
their honeymoon location was Quebec
which gives us a lot of topics to chat about

i will take some photos of it next time i go
the shop is called TA-NE
tane means seed in japanese

here is a webiste to the shop