Monday, February 18, 2008


i don't know why...
but february somehow seems to pass by very slowly...
maybe it's the coldness of winter
there are still 11 days to it...
or maybe because i just can't till March to come
going to TW and seeing my friends
and the coming of spring.

on the weekend:
friday: i went bowling and realized that i can't bowl for too long becuase my pinkie will become crooked...HAHA!! funny fact
saturday: found a yummy Indian Curry shop...had a super luxurious dinner with people at work...the room even had a private outdoor hot pool!! (i went in alone obviously!!)
sundy: worship the Lord!! and enjoyed a nice lunch and afternoon tea with 2 other ladies from church

one thing that made me very very very happy this week:
my friend B decided to stay for other year!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am really really really glad...
without her...i think my cantonese will be worsen a lot!XD
and no one will do blog spellcheck for me...haha!
obivously that's not the only reason...
i am just glad she will be closed by next year!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


i passed!!!!!
the japanese proficiency exam ... level 1 !!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!
praise the Lord!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

to Mrs. Kaneshiro Mame

happy birthday!!!
chi shin ga lei!! HAHAHAHA!!

being 24th...hope life will continue to be amazingly chi shin for you!!
and i hope that your chi shin ness will never change!!
i will more than happy to continue to be chi shin with you!

Happy Birthday, my beutiful sweet pea!