Wednesday, November 12, 2008

back to life without parents parents were here and now they are gone

their visit this time was a blessing for me

i never spent so much time talking and laughing and enjoying each other companies before with my parents

i thank God for giving me wonderful parents

people asked me and my parents: "don't you feel lonely (living so far away from each other)?"

our answer: "yes... but the three of us all trust in God and God is the link of our relationship. God is the focus and the Lord of our family. God is the heavenly father of us 3."

my parents not just provided me material goods
more importantly, they introduced me to the most powerful and loving provider who can satisfy all my needs.

thank you, daddy and mommy
thank you, my heavenly father

Thursday, November 6, 2008


my parents are coming to visit!!!!!!
it's kinda surreal but it's definitely exciting!!

i have nothing plan yet...haha!!
well, they mainly just want to see me...i guess...hahaha!

i gotta start planning tonight...

anyways...i have hula lesson tonight~
i love hula...the 75 mins lesson is a healing time for me

ps. i just found out 2 of friends are getting married...
what is this with the wedding rush??

to all those who are getting married and to all my newly weds friends

i stole this link from my bean's blog