Friday, May 29, 2009

i love ishikawa vol.1

why i love ishikawa?
there are just so many beautiful hidden treasures in this area
and one of them is cafe

just walk around
turn at a random corner
a nice cafe can be found

today i had a couple nice new discoveries:

bento shop (take-out lunch box)
i actually did some research and made an order the day before going

here is what i came out with

the bag has a stamp on it む 'mu'--the initial of the shop's name
how cute!
and the staple is in pink!!

what's in the box??

dessert included?!?! WOW!! lovely! (it's a whole wheat lemon scone...yummy~)

found a nice spot with shades along the river
oh...i am hungry!!

as if i am not satsified with the delicious scone...
i got myself a nice japanese sweet me greedy~
aren't those balls on the top adorable?

i found an interesting gallery/cafe when i was taking a walk after lunch
too bad it was closed...but i will definitely come back

and...what i found after more walking is another nice that is opened!!
let's go in~ (i was craving for caffine)

white and blue tiles floor...wooden tables and wooden chairs with red cushions
notice the little details: there is a dialing phone hanging on the wall...and a time-card slot!! how cool!!

cheese cake with a hint of maple syrup....hmmmmmmmmmmm!

and here comes my coffee!!!
smelling gooooooooooooooda!
wait!! what's that on the side??

oh!!! sugar cookies!!
aren't they just ADORABLE?!?

that's why i love where i live~
more to come!!

lunch box shop: ムシャリラ・ムシャリロ(musyarira.musyariro)
cafe: Parlour KOFUKU

Thursday, May 28, 2009


after the 'exotic'(hehe) Kinky Boots
i picked up 'Young @ Heart'
a documentary featuring a choir with members who are over the age of 70

it's a really heart-warming film
i absolutely love it
i watched the movie with my granny which made it a little more magical~☆

there are many favorite scenes
but the one that stroke me the most was where 2 members practicing 'Fix You' by Coldplay (one of my favs of Coldplay btw)

side note:
i love kids
but after working in Kawakita
i am totally falling in love with the elderly also(don't take it the wrong way please...hehe)
they fascinate me everytime i am with them

in that little, fragile body
holds so much treasure, knowledge, wonders and surprises

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kinky Boots

after 'Once'
i switched to something....'exotic'??? haha!

but don't let the title and the boots scare you off!!
it's a great movie!
i had so much fun watching it~
i like the story, the characters and the setting too.

definitely worth giving it a try!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so long

my dearest BoBo

thank you for being in my family
thank you for the joy and laughters
thank you for the cuteness
thank you thank you thank you

do you know?
i love you so
and i miss you so


Friday, May 8, 2009


it has been a while before my last DVD
took a bike ride to the DVD rental shop
and came home with 'ONCE'

it's a beautiful movie
with lovely music

i love how the movie minimize the verbal dialogue between the characters
but it's filled with rich emotions and feelings

one thing i really appreciate about this film is that there is no unnecessary sexual's something you can't find now...

p.s. i want to visit Dublin someday
p.s. i am you can tell..i am just really bad at writing movie reviews