Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mr.Children 【REPLAY】

an old song by Mr. Children that i love!!!

me and boys

i am not trying to be sexist...
but i like boys a little bit more than girls...don't get me wrong!! i love girls too!! they are very cute and all...
yet boys are just more fun to play with...they are more interesting...
having conversation with them is always a blast!
only if i can be as imaginative as them

i love you all!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

things that make me smile

it has been a while since the last post
work is getting a bit hectic
events followed by events
school visits followed by more school visits
when i thought i can take a break
english classes, chinese classes and cooking classes all started at the same week
it's all loads of fun
just a little overwhelming...hehe!

yet when i was about to worn out
God prepared little moments that made me smile

a beautiful sunset (i am probably bias but the sunset in my town is the most beautiful!!)
an e-mail from a friend from university who i thought i could never hear from
e tegami class (japanese postcard drawing class...i was so relaxed)
a postcard from my parents when they visited Taiwan...(they are just too cute)
a delicious pastry...(maybe not 'a'..'some')
a short mail saying '体無理しないでね~'
working with other co-workers on CM project (that's not a thing...oh well, it made me smile)
my student saying 'i am so glad i came to your class today!! i learned so much and it's lots of fun!!' (i almost wanted to cry because i was kinda drained out before the class...thank you!)
a nice lunch and fun kareoke with friends~~~
a nice evening walk...(アッ!☆見えた~!笑)
red=ヒュ-キだ~ (ありがとう~)