Monday, August 31, 2009

take it slow

i grow up in big cities all my life
Hong Kong...Taipei...Montreal...

coming to Japan 3 years ago
is my 1st time living in country side

i wasn't used to it
i always thought and dreamed of moving back to the cities
be a career oriented woman
be successful and 'smart'(hehe!)

yet...this 3 years
God taught to me slow down
look around
appreciate nature,things,especially people nearby
take time to build relationship
take time to chat with a kid on my way back home from home
take time to hear the elderlies' wisdom

take it slow but not being lazy

yesterday, as i was strolling around the city
i found this super nice cafe hidden in the corner of a very quiet neighourhood
the owner was at the front door sweeping
so i started the conversation
as we were chatting
the owner invited me in for a cup of juice

the cafe is beautiful!
the owner was an architect and she just passed on her business to her daugther and now is free to do things she wants
so..she turned a traditional japanese style building into a cafe
thanks for the lovely time
i am definitely going back for lunch...and cake next time!!

素敵な空間と時間 ありがおう~

and hmm...don't know if it is due with me getting old
but i had so much fun watching election on TV yesterday

the dominant party in Japan has changed!!!
what will happen??hehe

Friday, August 28, 2009

when will it be on TV?

when i see this CM on TV
it will make my day
for sure!! hehehe...

<3 <3 <3 <3

ps. just one luxury request
if they can add 松ケン would be perfect!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

my future...

future has always been known and clear
i like to have a clear practical goal
then i can stay focus

kindergarden->elementary->high school->cegep->university->japan->now->????

the timeline may seem boring...
well, it's the simplest version..hehe

what will happen in a year from now?
where will i be at this very moment next year?
who will i be with?
hmm...i don't know!

scared? maybe...
anticipation? YES!!! because i have never been in such situation before.

who knows what will happen in a year?!?
just stay tuned