Wednesday, October 22, 2008

let me introduce you guys to my...

personal 24/7 trainer

yes...i couldn't resist.
i tried it in Canada and i found it fun
and actually practical

winter is coming and soon it would be too cool and too dark to go for a jog or a walk in the evening

in order for me to keep in shape
i figure i will need a personal trainer...

and now...
i've got one!

Monday, October 20, 2008

back and back

i was back in canada for the last 2 weeks
and now i am back in japan

i like canada
i like montreal
i like having my family so close by
i like having old friends around
i like the city
i like the open-air cafe
i like the green and the river

but i think i love japan....
don't scream at me!!
i don't know why either!!
God just put the passion in my heart!

but it was good to be back HOME

i was back!
i am back!

photos will be uploaded soon...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

red poka dots

my body is filled with red poka dots

itchy red poka dots

ugly red poka dots

on my legs

on my arms

on my back

and i think is spreading to my tummy

the doctor said :no specific cause...

it has been 5 days

no sign of recovering

i am thinking about visiting another doctor

for a 2nd opinion

on my

red poka dots

sidenote: red poka dots aka rash