Friday, December 21, 2007



i wish i can be as articulated as my friend A

as bold as my friend B

as creative as my friend C

as diligent as my friend D

as expressive as my friend E

as faithful as my friend F

as generous as my friend G

as humorous as my friend H

as important as my friend I

as jolly as my friend J

as keen as my friend K

as lovable as my friend L

as musical as my friend M

as noble as my friend N

as odd as my friend O

as passionate as my friend P

as qualified as my friend Q

as receptive as my friend R

as smart as my friend S

as talented as my friend T

as unique as my friend U

as venerable as my friend V

as weird as my friend W

as ( ) as my friend X (whatever he/she has that I don’t)

as youthful as my friend Y

as zealous as my friend Z

sometimes, I know myself so well that it disgusts me
sometimes, I know nothing about myself that it scares me

I can be really unsettled with who I am
Am I asking for too much?
Just a little more like her? Just a little more like him?

Being 24…almost 25…
I found myself still searching my identity

I need to learn to be settled in God
(but is it normal to be unsettled with myself…just sometimes?)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

long time no photos

here you go...

november...went to tokyo with my coworker...
Disney sea and Parliament

i accidentally deleted the Disney Sea pix...which is really a pity..><

here is the parliament


the street where 'HERO' (jap drama) was filmed

kids in elementary school
love them love them love them!!!!!!

making Christmas card together~

my English Beginners Class

Monday, December 17, 2007


i need to rest

work is fun
and i love it
but i hate not being 100% when i am at work

driving is fun
and i love it
but it's extremely dangerous when i am not being 100%

eating is fun
and i love it
but even the most delicious 'Mont Blanc'(my fav cake) tastes like a piece of plastic when i am not 100% there

i need to recover from my cold
i need to rest

other than that
i am doing things that i love everyday!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

christmas x 5

starting from yesterday
i admire teacher in a new perspective
especially elementary school teahcers

i teach in japan...
that's not the main part of my job
but i do teach english to grade 1 and grade 2students once or twice (or thrice) a month
and it's usually just one hour each
which is totally perfect and FUN
i love it!
my thoart gets a little dry after the 2hrs
it simply recovers with a cup of nice hot tea

i went this elementary school that i usually don't go
the teacher asked me to talk about Christmas for grade 1,3,4,5,6 in a row!!
very tiring but fun times!
it went well and i think the kids enjoyed it
my thoart got a little drier than usual
but i thought 2 cups of tea will do

at night...
my thoart was no longer just dry but hurt!
ok...drink lots of water...go to bed early
that's what i did hoping that everything will go back to normal

i woke up this morning

my thoart HURTS!!!!
swallowing saliva seems like swallowing down hundreds of needles
i don't want to get sick!!!
i still have the grade 2 this afternoon (the grade who i didn't get to go yesterday)
i have 7 more Christmas (presentations plus party) and the real Christmas waiting for me
i can't get sick

but my voice is not coming....

i sound so gentle today...haha! but that's not what i need
i have been so quiet this morning in my office
saving for the grade 2 who i will meet in 20 mins

elementary school teachers: how can you teach everyday 6 periods in a row without hurting your thoart? teach me!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Japanese Proficency Exam

Yesterday, I went for the Japanese Proficency Exam
It's my 2nd try...
hopefully i will pass this time...
but my confidence level is....50%...??
i am pretty sure i got 60 % or above for each part
but in order to pass..i have to get 70% above...
that...i am not sure...><
oh well, it's over
if i don't pass, i will try again next year!

other than that, life is good as usual over here in my little town in japan
it's getting chilly but it's nice when we get Indian summer once in a while
my english classes and chinese class are all coming to an end..
it's kinda sad not be able to see my adult students for 4 months...
but on the other hand
i am glad that i will be able to have a break from the evening classes and recharge myself and return with more fresh and exciting teaching ideas
give me any idea by any means!

Christmas...oh Christmas...
guess where i will be this Christmas?
Fukuoka visiting my Luku! haha!
i am excited to able to see her and go to the south...well, it's not that much down south but i think it's warmer there.
i will be spending my New Year back in my little town
to have some quiet time,
to reflect
then restart

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

something that made me smile from within

lunch time in daycare
at a table with groups of 4 years old

「hiukei, do you have a house in canada?」

「well, not exactly a house but yes...i parents live there」

「i see...why do you have a house in canada?」

「hmm...(how can i answer...) because i live there...i can't live's cold in  the winter」

「hiukei, is your house sturdy?」

「yes...i think so..」

「so, if a wolf blows it, it won't fall apart?」

「(how cute is that!!!!!) yes, if a wolf blows my house, it won't fall apart.」

「wow!! that's really good.」

「thank you.」

i LOVE kids!

Friday, November 16, 2007

it's been a month

i kept wanting to update my blog


well, i kept wanting to post pictures but i recently only go online at work so...i can't upload any picture...then i just kept procrastinating..

maybe no one is reading my blog anymore...hahaha!!

anyways, i am heading to Tokyo in about 2 hrs...for work and for fun!!
YEAH!! since my friend won't finish school until the evening
i will have the whole afternoon to wonder around in Tokyo
there are so many places i want to visit in Tokyo despite the fact that i have been there over 10 times...
there are just so many fun places to visit over there!!
there are:
-Disneyland and Disney Sea (childish?? so what? haha!! i like to see Donald Duck once in a while)
-fun shopping and crazy fashion Shibuya...Harajuku
-high class area Ginza (i really like that's a nice place to go for a walk in the evening when all the shops are beautiful!!)
-Shimukitazawa and Kichijochi...lots of nice cafes with lots of fun shops
-Tokyo Tower...i can't help but love it...
-Yokohama....this one is kinda out of the range but it'closed to Tokyo

places i want to visit:
-Roppongi (where i will be going this afternoon!!!!) there is this museum: NATIONAL ART CENTER TOKYO ( that i wanted to visit for a while
(i can't link properly with my work computer...but check it's a really nice museum!!)
-Akihabara....where it's famous for electronics...animations...figures...cosplay..haha!! just want to see what it is like there..

there are probably more places i want to visit...
i need to stop going to the same places over and over again...

btw, i finally bought a new of pictures coming!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mr.Children 【REPLAY】

an old song by Mr. Children that i love!!!

me and boys

i am not trying to be sexist...
but i like boys a little bit more than girls...don't get me wrong!! i love girls too!! they are very cute and all...
yet boys are just more fun to play with...they are more interesting...
having conversation with them is always a blast!
only if i can be as imaginative as them

i love you all!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

things that make me smile

it has been a while since the last post
work is getting a bit hectic
events followed by events
school visits followed by more school visits
when i thought i can take a break
english classes, chinese classes and cooking classes all started at the same week
it's all loads of fun
just a little overwhelming...hehe!

yet when i was about to worn out
God prepared little moments that made me smile

a beautiful sunset (i am probably bias but the sunset in my town is the most beautiful!!)
an e-mail from a friend from university who i thought i could never hear from
e tegami class (japanese postcard drawing class...i was so relaxed)
a postcard from my parents when they visited Taiwan...(they are just too cute)
a delicious pastry...(maybe not 'a'..'some')
a short mail saying '体無理しないでね~'
working with other co-workers on CM project (that's not a thing...oh well, it made me smile)
my student saying 'i am so glad i came to your class today!! i learned so much and it's lots of fun!!' (i almost wanted to cry because i was kinda drained out before the class...thank you!)
a nice lunch and fun kareoke with friends~~~
a nice evening walk...(アッ!☆見えた~!笑)
red=ヒュ-キだ~ (ありがとう~)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mr Children HOME TOUR 2007~in the field~

September 16
10:00 am
with friends, Bonnie, Miyuki, Hiroko
departed for Toyoma by car
LET'S GO!!!!!!!

my first time hearing Mr. Children (Japanese musician) live
i was so excited that i couldn't sleep the night before....haha!
i like the blue and white
it reflect the color of the sky

ticket in hand! all ready!

lining up for tour goods!
the T-shirts are so nice!! only if i have more money...haha!

under blue sky
on green grass

look at just the number of toilets!!
i was excited!! HAHA!

before live begins
let's picnic!
yum yum!
while we were eating, since it's an outdoor live we could clearly hear their reharsal
gosh!! although it kinda killed the excitment of anticipating of which songs will be sung at live but who could complain when hearing such beautiful music...i guess a little wouldn't do much damage...hehe

the heat totally killed us!!
the umbrella was kinda useless at the end cos the wind was just way too strong...><
so we moved to the shade and who knows what happened!!
the staff came over...
' excuse me, sorry to bother you but the members of Mr. Children and the supporting members are coming out to play a bit of soccer, it's totally fine for you to stay here but please don't take out your camera and put away your cellphone please.'
WHAT?!?!? soccer?? HERE??!!
are you serious!?!? that's like miracle!!!!!!!!
there were only about 50 ppl around us and the other 30000 obviously didn't know about it...
LUCKY! haha!!

after they left...
we HAD to rush to the field just to get a bit of the taste of stepping on the grass where Sakurai san(vocal) stepped...(haha!! me crazy..)

and jump for JOY!

this is where he shot goal!!

ok...i don't know what we are doing anymore...haha

Wait! we are here for Mr. Children's live!
ok!! time to line up and get in!

Tour truck...hehe!
and live started @ 5:15pm
i always thank God for creating people with wonderful voice
brillant lyrics writing skill
just amazing muscial talent
it definitely was one of the most amazing performance i have ever seen
the lovely part was that when they performed the song 「彩り」(colour scheme)
rainbow came out from the sky!!
not only one but 2!!!
however, with rainbow comes rain
i was totally fine soaking dancing and enjoying great music under the rain
when the fun was over
i turned around to get my stuff
which was under the seat and should be safe from the rain
i found my bag heavier than before
when i opened it...i found a little pond inside my bag
and obviously all my stuff were soaking wet
my cellphone!!!!!
my camera!!!!!
fortunately my cellphone was saved camera....
completely died on me
well, what can i do except forgetting behind and looking forward for the new camera i will eventually get....

Monday, September 17, 2007

彩り Irodori

btw the same group
Mr. Children

the tour yesterday started out with this song
the harmonica part was replaced by violin...i think?
i really really really like this song...especially the lyrics...
i will translate once i have time
their lyrics are not easy to translate though...


a song from one of my favourite japanese musician.

i just went to their tour yesterday.
bless them for making such wonderful music
bless Sakurai san for his BEAUTIFUL voice
i was touched...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

back home

back to my home in japan
quietness and fresh air

hong kong was great!
seeing my parents was great!
my cousin's wedding was beautiful!
seeing my friends was exciting!
chatting with my grandpa was precious!
eating delicious hong kong dishes was delightful!

i miss the fresh and clean air
(you had no idea how bad my nose was sneezing...everyday!! if i stay longer...i think my nose will come off)
i miss the blue sky with white clouds
i miss the stars that shine at night
i miss the quietness
i miss driving

i am glad i was in hong kong
and i am glad i am back to kawakita


Thursday, September 6, 2007


a little bit of Hong Kong for the next 5 days...6 if i add in the travelling time

definitely excited!!
not only to i get to meet friends, eat REAL chinese food
i will get to see my cousin getting married
and most important of all
i will get to see my parents!!
both my dad and my mom will be going too!!
how nice!

just 1 and a half more hour of work
then i am off

but i will miss japan...immensly...

hopefully, the next time when i blog about travelling
i will be heading to some beach resort in Thailand or Hawaii...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Japan Sea

i am fortunate to live in this part of Japan
right by Japan Sea

Japan Sea has a very different atmosphere from the other oceans (persoanl opinion)
it's very Japanese..hahaha!! (is that prejudice?) is very nostalgic, very quiet, very empty, very reserved...

but it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

time for my camera!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

thunder and lightning

ok... i know everyone has experienced thunder and lightning
but the one i am talking about is something that i have never seen in Canada before
the geographic location of where i live in Japan now apparently has POWERFUL thunder and lightning
i have to TOTALLY agree with that

i personally LOVE thunder and lightning
i thought they are so beautiful and majestic
not until i saw the ones on last wednesday and 2 days ago

the thunders were so loud i thought the sky broke in half...literally
they sounded like the sky is opening up for something to descend from heaven
the lightnings were so low and bright that night seemed like morning

i honestly was scared...
i felt like the frequency of the thunder will break my apartment into pieces
and the lightning will just burn the rice peddles around me

there were no serious damage
except the power in my office went out and i had to work in a very romantic atmosphere for just half the day

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a little bit of art works

i joined this "E Tegami 絵手紙" workshop in my town...
i thought it was an one time thing when i first went...but they actually meet up twice every i somehow was signed up for this workshop.

it's really fun!! i rarely have time now to sit down quietly and draw...
well, i am not that artistic to begin with anyway
but this type of art is very simple and easy to look pretty...hehe! which is perfect for me!

the past tuesday was my fourth time there.
it's interesting to chat with a bunch of elderly ladies and draw at the same time.

this is the summer english school i organized for the kids
they are all about 6 or 7
so much fun playing and teaching them!!

this is a little 'art work' we made with our palms...hehe!

Spitz - Masayume

Monday, August 20, 2007

正夢 by スピッツ 'Masa yume' (Prophetic Dream) by Spitz

a song i fell in love with lately
i really like the lyrics

i tried to translate it but there are just some expression that i cannot describe in English

i tried...hopefully, you can taste a little of it

正夢(masayume)by スピッツ (spitz)

ハネた髪のままとび出した 今朝の夢の残り抱いて
with messy hair I ran out embracing the leftover morning dream

冷たい風 身体に受けて どんどん商店街を駆け抜けていく
with cool breeze passing through my body I ran through the street                
「届くはずない」とか つぶやいても また
although a voice muttering “it’s impossible to reach” still

I look for the unexpected

どうか正夢  君と会えたら 
somewhere in dream if I get to meet you

where should our conversation begin

I hope to see you smile

小さな幸せ つなぎあわせよう 
let’s connect the little pieces of happiness together

浅いプールで じゃれるような
in a shallow pool let’s be playful

ずっと まともじゃないって わかってる
it’s not real I know it all a along

the pain from being taken out on

there are no method to rewind

not even able to forget a single bit

forcefully I closed the cover

I don’t care if it sounds stupid

I dial it up

believing the most likely path will stick out

いつか正夢 君と会えたら 
somewhere in dream if I get to meet you

打ち明けてみたい 裏側まで
let’s pour our hearts from the inside out

愛は必ず 最後に勝つだろう 
love will win at the end

そうゆうことにして 生きていける
believing in that I live on day by day

あの キラキラの方へ登っていく
heading toward the beaming side

どうか正夢 君と会えたら 
somewhere in dream if I get to meet you

where should our conversation start

I would like to see you smile

小さな幸せ つなぎあわせよう 
let’s connect the little pieces of happiness together

浅いプールで じゃれるような
In the shallow pool Let’s be playful

ずっと まともじゃないって わかっている
it’s not real I know it all along

もう一度 キラキラの方へ登っていく
Once more I will head toward the beaming side

Monday, August 13, 2007

a weekend in summer 2007

all started off with a nice bowl of ramen!! YUMMY!

with my lovely co workers!
on a sunny and hot saturday... draw on the street with Bonnie


we met snoopy and charlie brown on the way

and found a huge can of beer!!

and joined a horse race

and saw some traditional japanese dance (yosakoi)

and drums (taiko) the kids who are performing are from my town!!
they were amazing!

makes me wanna learn too!

the 2 little girls were just way too cute...hitting with their little drum stick on a bamboo

sunday afternoon: indulged myself with a nice mango treat!! YUM!!

and sunset by the beach...
what can be better?!?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

one year

it has been a year
a year full of grace and joy
far more than i can ever imagine

i remember arriving thinking 'GOSH! where i am? it's all rice peddles here!!'
to now
not only i LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE the freshness of the rice peddles
i can drive in the small little streets with tons of small little curves at night with no street lights
(you probably wonder when i mentioned that...but most of my friends from overseas were amazed...or in awe when they got here...haha!! japan country side roads have brought my driving skill into a different level!!YEAH!!)

i really like Japan
i never thought i would like it so much that i would want to stay here forever
but i do now

when you ask me what do i like about Japan
i can give you lots of answers
'the people' 'the culture' 'the language' 'the environment' 'the excitment'...etc
but if you dig down...
my answer is simply
'i don't really know...i just have a passion for this country'
it's's's's extreme?...
whatever you call it

this year has passed by way too fast
way too fast for me to digest, reflect and savor every single moments

2 things i have reconfirmed with myself:
1. i trully love Japan
2. i trully LOVE working with children

and 4 things i need to continue to learn
1. learn to be a humble servant
2. learn to be patient and loving (genuine love)
3. learn to listen
4. learn to pray and wait
(i think both 3 and 4 are related to patient...anyways...)

all in all
i will be in Japan for another year...or 2 if God allows..hehe!
i love visitors!!! so..feel free to come visit me!

ps. for my male friends...if you come...please bring at least one or more female friends with you...i would like to host you but it's kinda awkward for me to just stay with a guy alone in my apartment...hehe!!

Monday, July 30, 2007


thanks Ancafe for such a wonderful time!!!
I had SO MUCH fun yesterday night!!
just so glad the live house is so small!! HAHA
i was so closed to Miku...only wish i can stand on the first role

Can't wait till August...the outdoor live in Osaka!!

ps. Ancafe is a band...hehe...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

relaxing evening after work

it has been a while since i don't need to rush to anywhere after work
it's kinda weird
i am not all that use to the free time
i think i like to be busy
hmm...not TOOOO busy
but the kind of busy that can keep me occupied
if i am a glass
i would like the water to fill up about 70%
that's the kinda of business i can handle

anyways, it's nice to have a 50% or even less sometimes though
i went for a bike ride
enjoying the greeness of the rice peddles
the orangness(?) of the sunset
took a nice long bath
did some cleaning in the house
watched some TV
and went to bed

i like it

Friday, July 20, 2007

L'arc en ciel

i have talked about this band before...i believe... and my friend drove 2 hrs to the prefecture next to us to see their live

all is to say


Hyde (vocal) has THE most amazing voice!
Just love it!!
2 hours of live is just WAY TOO SHORT!!!><
i wish it never ended...


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

brief overview of last week in busan

this is where it all happened...

people...people and people

warm welcoming from the Koreans

finally found my evil twin!!! it's pretty amazing considering there were 20000ppl...and we found each other!!

seeing dear friends that i never thought i would see!!! JILL!!!!!!!! i love you!!

my touring team!! LET'S GO!

hold a star fish in the aqurium!!

don't you just LOVE how spooky it is!!

started new friendship and we quickly became shopping buddies!

fish market

lots of seaweed

at the bank

shopping and eating

it was yummy!!!

time for a group photo! KIMCHI!

lunch time with 20000 people!


time for some local street snack!


the Korean mother was so eager to get into the photo!

made friends with japanese! YEAH!! my other roots! haha

went shopping together in supermarket....instant noddles

korean spicy rice cake

chatting in Korean Starbucks

celebration!!!'s only just the beginning of movements! GO!