Tuesday, May 8, 2007

the closer...the further...

i have been getting more and more into my life in Japan
i love it here
i feel like home being where i am now
i met lovely people, built great friendship

it's all great!!
but it suddenly hit me that i am feeling further and further away from Canada

i am physcially far from it
i am also emotionally/mentally(?) far from it

i am not only refering to the place but also my friends there
i haven't heard from friends whom i used to talk to everyday
it's nostalgic
i don't know what is happening in their life
i don't know what is worrying them
what is making them laugh
what is exciting them

it's my fault...
is it?
must be...

friends in Canada...i still love you guys a lot...
sorry for not doing a better job at keeping in touch

this post may sound saddening
but i am in a super good mood today!! haha!!
i had a great time at junior high school
the weather is GREAT!
i am looking forward for my English class and Chinese class tonight

i don't know how much i can stress
i really LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEE my life here in Japan


raven said...

well well well... LOL

Beth said...

this is a hard thing to balance whenever you move away. i've felt it just moving within canada.