Tuesday, July 24, 2007

relaxing evening after work

it has been a while since i don't need to rush to anywhere after work
it's kinda weird
i am not all that use to the free time
i think i like to be busy
hmm...not TOOOO busy
but the kind of busy that can keep me occupied
if i am a glass
i would like the water to fill up about 70%
that's the kinda of business i can handle

anyways, it's nice to have a 50% or even less sometimes though
i went for a bike ride
enjoying the greeness of the rice peddles
the orangness(?) of the sunset
took a nice long bath
did some cleaning in the house
watched some TV
and went to bed

i like it


Lucia said...

no NABE RYORI by your side?

hiukei said...

the weather is too hot for nabe anyway...hehehe