Thursday, September 6, 2007


a little bit of Hong Kong for the next 5 days...6 if i add in the travelling time

definitely excited!!
not only to i get to meet friends, eat REAL chinese food
i will get to see my cousin getting married
and most important of all
i will get to see my parents!!
both my dad and my mom will be going too!!
how nice!

just 1 and a half more hour of work
then i am off

but i will miss japan...immensly...

hopefully, the next time when i blog about travelling
i will be heading to some beach resort in Thailand or Hawaii...


shellieos said...

Hiukeis! I would totally visit you in Japan! @.@ Are you going to live there long term?

Lucia said...

hey piki!
im booking my ticket tomorrow.... when is best to arrive? I'm thinking 6, 7-ish? and I will leave around 5-ish on the 24th. sounds good? and, you'd better be eating LOTS AND LOTS of EGG TARTS for meeeee! 俺 係蛋塔公主~!take care, and have fun! see you in 2 weeks.