Friday, November 16, 2007

it's been a month

i kept wanting to update my blog


well, i kept wanting to post pictures but i recently only go online at work so...i can't upload any picture...then i just kept procrastinating..

maybe no one is reading my blog anymore...hahaha!!

anyways, i am heading to Tokyo in about 2 hrs...for work and for fun!!
YEAH!! since my friend won't finish school until the evening
i will have the whole afternoon to wonder around in Tokyo
there are so many places i want to visit in Tokyo despite the fact that i have been there over 10 times...
there are just so many fun places to visit over there!!
there are:
-Disneyland and Disney Sea (childish?? so what? haha!! i like to see Donald Duck once in a while)
-fun shopping and crazy fashion Shibuya...Harajuku
-high class area Ginza (i really like that's a nice place to go for a walk in the evening when all the shops are beautiful!!)
-Shimukitazawa and Kichijochi...lots of nice cafes with lots of fun shops
-Tokyo Tower...i can't help but love it...
-Yokohama....this one is kinda out of the range but it'closed to Tokyo

places i want to visit:
-Roppongi (where i will be going this afternoon!!!!) there is this museum: NATIONAL ART CENTER TOKYO ( that i wanted to visit for a while
(i can't link properly with my work computer...but check it's a really nice museum!!)
-Akihabara....where it's famous for electronics...animations...figures...cosplay..haha!! just want to see what it is like there..

there are probably more places i want to visit...
i need to stop going to the same places over and over again...

btw, i finally bought a new of pictures coming!!

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cindy said...

i'm still reading your blog! Haha
please keep the pictures coming!!
Have fun in Tokyo :)