Thursday, April 10, 2008

craving for...

a warm blueberry pie with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream
because yesterday night was 'My blueberry Nights'
(sorry Lucia...i had was just in the mood and went to see it...>< gonmen!!)

My Blueberry Nights
by Wong Kar Wai

honestly, i was scared that i wouldn't understand a thing
becuase his movies are always so abstract
and his movies are always a 'hit-or-miss' thing
but i ADORE his graphics
every scence in his films is always so elegant and eccentric
i just can't help but drawn to the theater for the movie

plus it's Norah JONE!!!!! and JUDE LAW!!!! and Natalie Portman!!!
and gosh! Rachel Weisz was stunning in the movie!
she was so sexy!!
no strange meaning!! she is just simply SEXY in a very feminine when i saw her in the movie, she really got me! i was like 'WOW! she is so....WOMAN! (haha!! sorry..i don't have any better word...)

Natalie Portman...eccentric!! i love her!

Norah Jones...she is so CUTE!!

Jude Law...(i think i am secretly falling in love with him)

i don't want to ruin the movie
so i am not going to say much

on top of the amazing cast
i love the story
the very little details
the flow of the movie was perfectly in tune with my pace
the BGM
the costume
the dialogue
the scences (each scence is a piece of artwork...there are so many of them!! )

every everything

my blueberry nights
i will get the DVD

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