Monday, April 13, 2009

lovely weekends

it's already april!
the weather is finally getting nice and warm
i love it because i can cycle or walk around the town and the city
it's just beautiful~

i have been blessed with great weekends since April

last week
a friend came to visit from Tokyo
and we just had a blast!!!
Hot spring trip
Delicious food
Great times together
thank you so much!!

this week
althought i had to work on sunday
but i had a great time
nice walk, great chat with my a japanese grandma, and an AMAZING delicious supper with great companies (gosh!! the food was really really good that night...hmmmm...豚太郎!!また行くぞ!!笑)
took it slow...nice walk...discovery of new cookie shop(gosh!DELICOUS!!!) museum...cherry
i love date on my own
so relaxing!!
woke up EARLY for work ><
but it's ok...nice weather and got to see lots of cute kids~
afternoon... to Fukui for Cherry Blossom (hiukei's annual event)
great weather and lovely time

-pictures will be posted later...

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