Sunday, July 5, 2009

woke up too early on a sunday morning

from my fridge:
-fresh blueberries

from my cupboard:
-whole wheat flour
-baking powder

a little bit of measuring
a little bit of mixing
a little bit of waiting

blueberry-lemon yogurt scones!!

freshly out of the oven
D E L I C I O U S!!!!!!!!!!

with a satisfied stomach
i am ready for church~

1 comment:

Makiko said...

Good morning! I'm Makiko,your Wed.PM English class student, Kazue 's friend. I really enjoyed your class and looking forward to see you again in Autumne.
When I was a child, a Canadian family lived in front of my house. The husband was a Canadian missionary(BOKUSI-san) and the wife was a Japanese(cooking teacher, Canadian style). When I was a high school student, I studied English conversation with him and after I graduated Univ. in Tokyo and came back to Kanazawa,I enjoyed cooking class with her. So they were very special for me. Now they live in Saskatoon.
The husband used to say,"I like my wife's brown bread!" The brown bread was made with whole wheet flower. I got a chance to know how to make it and I also love the Brown Bread! I stile enjoy cooking with the recipe which she taught me then.
I found Whole Wheet in your BLOG and it reminds me of them. Thank you for your posting. Next time, I want to enjoy tasting your sweets!