Wednesday, October 28, 2009

time for something orange

if i am back in montreal now
it would probably be referred to pumpkins

however since i am in japan
something orange at this time of the season refers to


the merit of living in country side in japan is
i get seasonal veggies and fruits from ppl around me

and guess what i got yesterday?!?

a bag full of persimmons!!
i love them so it's ok

for now...i have endless supply of persimmons
>because my jap grandma has a persimmon tree in her backyard
a month ago...i had endless supply of chestnuts
>because she also has a chestnut tree in her backyard
2 months ago...i had endless supply of eggplant, cucumbers, and all kinds of tomatos
>because she also grows them in her backyard
in may...i had endless supply of bamboo shoots
>because she also has a bamboo forest in her backyard

go figure how many things grow in her backyard
it's like magic!!


Raven said...

persimmons are my fav after mangoes and pineapples!!

miss how many persimmons i used to get back in ishikawa too.

can't wait to go back to eat tons of them!!!

hanying said...

At the beginning, I missed reading the "if", and I was so excited that you said "i am back in montreal now"...then I found out you're still in Japan! Hahahaha :) miss you!

hiukei said...

hehe...i think this year is THE harvest know how they say one year good harvest and one bad...
i have been getting too persimmons per day...but i probably won't finish until december...
come and eat!! hehe

HAHAHA!! if i was in montreal, you will be the first person to know :)
i miss you too!!!