Monday, February 15, 2010

FAQ of the week

i think i have been asked for more than 10 times this week...
and have been getting the same response everytime

'HiuKei, why aren't you back for Olympics?!?!'

'hmm...' (smile) 'I want to but it's far...'

'Isn't it in Canada?'

''s in Canada but Montreal is far from Vancouver...'

'How far?'

'It takes about 6 hrs...'

'By car?'

' flight'

'WHAT?!?! 6 hrs flight?!? 3 hrs time differences??WOW!!!!!! How does that work?'

'... ...'

the concept of how big Canada is sometimes just doesn't seem to be comprehended by the japanese


Lucia said...

lol. that is a funny one. u should also fill them in just how much vanoc is going over their initial budget....
its horrendous but not surprising. hopefully our economy will go up, so i wont be such an olympic scrooooge!

Simone Wittenberg said...

It's funny how people all over the world think canada is such a tiny place