Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"The Elegance of the Hedgehog" checked

i have to admit this book wasn't an easy read
so many new and difficult vocabularies
(proved my lack of vocabs... something that i definitely need to work on)

but i love:
the brief chapters(i am just too impatient)
the thoughts of the 2 main characters and how they beautifully interact with each other
the plot, the setting, the characters (i never thought a japanese would show up!!!)
the speed
the language
the ending...(teary but a smile on my face)

i really enjoyed reading it
it may sound strange but i felt a bit nostalgic when i finished reading it
well, i can read it again whenever i want
but the sentiment will be different
first time is always the best...(the unknown and the anticipation...and the heartbeats..hehe)

now...i want to read her first novel...

sidenote: i just wikipedia (sorry if that is impolite) the author and it says that she is currently living in Japan, composing her 3rd novel!!
out of all the places on earth!! she is in JAPAN!!! JAPON!! NIHON!!
ok...i guess i am the only one who is all hype up..hehe!

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