Friday, February 18, 2011

getting better at blogging

hmm...i love reading other's blogs
the more i read others
the more i realize how boring my blog is...(hmm...)
1)it's not aritculating
2)it's so vague and BLAH!
3)the content is shallow and not very fun

but on the other hand
i am reserved (and scared, mostly) about sharing my thoughts
in such a public space

or i am just lazy
reviewing and recaputuring my day
organizing thoughts and feelings
is a very engery consuming task

or there is just nothing exciting happening (which is NOT true..i hope)

all those amazing bloggers out there,
how do you guys do it?


Suzanne said...

I'm not suggesting by commenting on this that you think that I'm an "amazing blogger" but I will say I love looking at your pictures. I like getting a small glimpse into what's going on in your world!

As for me, I blog mostly for me. I think there has to be an element of blogging that is first for yourself (I blog to remember, reflect, process and enjoy.) Like with all things the minute we do it for others instead of taking joy first in it ourselves then you are more easily discouraged about it and more prone to compare. What do you think of when you think of blogging? Why do you like to do it? I'd start there and then just do it... whatever you want to do with it. :) (I managed to write quite a lot but still feel vague and unhelpful haha)

its-me-melissa said...

be yourself, the rest will come through! dont try to be like other blogs :) hiu kei is cool!
(btw, did you get my emaiL?!)

hiukei said...

>Suzaane: thanks so much!!
come to think of it..i think i blog mostly for myself too..i guess i should just enjoy the process and not feel pressure by it :)
i love your blog too, suz!!

>Melissa: Thanks!!
no..i didn't get your e-mail..

Lydia said...

i really love your blog, hiukei! it's so fun!

hiukei said...

Thanks!!!i love reading yours~