Friday, March 4, 2011

what do i want to most now?

a nice cup of hot chocolate/ soy chai latte
and a nice warm hug

if i can only pick one out of the 2
i want the hug

i really hate
being sick and living alone
the two just don't work well together
you feel extra vulnerable and lonely


Beth said...

i agree! it is sad and difficult.

and that is the most BEAUTIFUL foam art i've ever seen.

hiukei said...

BETH!!!!! what a nice suprise!!
i am better...

yes~ that's another reason why you should come to japan!!

Suzanne said...

Wow! Did you create that Hiukei?
Will you accept my internet hug from across the world?

hiukei said...

i wish i can create that~haha!! i can bring you to the place where they create it! :)
and thanks for the hug!!
it's definitely needed and felt~