Friday, April 1, 2011

unsettled self

i am so unsettled about myself
sometimes it's annoying
i want to be free from thoughts like:
-what others think about me
-how others see me
-i wish to be like someone else
-i am not good enough

i am a happy person in general

i mean...i am happy while i am writing this

it's just annoying
i am annoyed by myself

i don't hate myself
but i guess i don't like myself enough
does that make sense?

i don't know where i am going with this post
i am just excited my weekend will be starting in 30 mins
according to the weather forecast
it will be sunny


Suzanne said...

I feel the same way often. I think it stems from comparing.

If it helps (which it doesn't always because then you can go to the next stage of "well if that person really knew me then...") I think you're great Hiukei! You are loved! And special!

hiukei said...

thanks so much!!
your words mean a lot!!
gosh!! really need to go see you when i go back to canada in fall~ :)