Monday, December 26, 2011

the first of everything

There is always a first time of everything
On December 23rd, 2011
I gave my first to stitches

Sewing?'s sewing something together
Just not on a piece of cloth
But on my left index finger

I had an operation...just a tiny one
I cut my finger
By peeling an apple
My right hand slipped
the knife slide through the smooth round surface of the apple
And cut right into my left index finger

For the next second
The half cut apple was flying in the air
My finger was red with blood in an instant
Pain, but I couldn't scream

I quietly turned the tap
Place my wounded finger under the cold water
Wrapped it with paper towel with an ice pack
And went back to my new year card writing

After 2 hours
4 sheets of paper towel changed
30 cards written
My finger was still bleeding
Hmm...better go to the doctor

Everything in the clinic happened too quick
Before I realized
My finger was anesthetized
Three stitches were sewed
And my finger stopped bleeding

It's the unexpected
that make our lives become an adventurous journey

Merry Christmas!
The following image is not pretty
view in your own caution

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