Friday, February 10, 2012

"Being-easy-on-myself" kind of day

Cleaned my room
Cleaned the fridge
Made a big pot of vegetable soup
Walked to the bank
Happy that my account is "recharged"
Bused to town
Paid n got my ticket for Chicago
Enjoyed a nice comforting cup of grande light syrup whole soy chai tea latte
With my read "into the wild"
Strolled around n walked into the cinema thinking
"if there is a movie starting at this moment, I will watch it"
And as I checked my phone: 17:45
Screening schedule: ...Happy ending...17:45
It's a Sign!
Enjoyed the movie with only 2 other ppl in the theater
A bit of tears, a bit of laughters
Hungry for sushi
Walked into kaiten (rotating)sushi shop
Feeling full and satisfied
Took a nice 75mins walk home
Relaxing in my bath
And currently blogging

I cannot ask for more

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