Monday, March 5, 2007

Trip to Hong Kong

hmm...i am back!!!

to my quiet apartment...
i feel at ease
but a little lonely

my trip this time to Hong Kong is definitely quite different from before

1. it's SHORT! i am used to staying for at least a month...4 days is just too short (but good enough)

2. i had a purpose this time...i used to go to HK to spend summer and shop..but this time i had clear plans and purposes...probably it's due to the short period...

3. it's for my aunt's wedding!! which is AMAZING!! i haven't met my aunt for like 8 years!!

4. i met my grandpa!!! which is a great blessing from God!!

5. met lots of my elementary school friends!!! that was more than exciting!!
6. didn't shop much...(i used to go crazy!!)
7. ate..ATE...and ATE (that is the purpose that i mention in #2) post is kinda going no where now..haha!!

all in all
i had a great trip!
i am glad to be back home now

 my beautiful aunt
☆me and my mommy☆
                    my cousins and my big aunt

aunt and her husband
me and my grandpa

elementary school friends!!
Hong Kong Scenary:

this following one is specially for my dear lucia~


Lucia said...

ちょっと...@_@苦しいよ...食べられないし...don't forget, 我係蛋塔公主....!! >o<

hiukei said...

HAHA!! sorry!! at least i took a picture for you!!
i know i know!!
egg tart princess!! hehe

blythe_berlin said...

u're kinda like a "tourist" wahhahahaaaa