Wednesday, February 28, 2007

safely arrived

i am in HK!!!

1 year and a half

only been here for one day
but i don't really think i can live in this place for the rest of my life

too crowded!!
i experienced culture shock yesterday night
i felt like i was fainting when i was crossing the street

i guess i am too used to the country life style in my little town in japan

don't get me wrong!
HK is a wonderful place with wonderful food!! (lots and cheap)
it's fun to travel and to visit friends

to make a living....hmm...still need to think about it...

anyways, the more important thing is

i finally got to meet my grandfather!!
(he is now 86)
i haven't seen him for 12 years!!
i was more excited than i imagined i would be
i feel blessed
i thank God for him

this morning we went for a walk together
he did tai-chi and some chinese sword exercise (it was pretty cool!!)
he told me stories when he was young
and we memorized Bible verses together while we were walking

i really do thank God for him

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Jung Ko said...

You also left wretch? Haha.. it's getting hard to keep up with Do and your blog's address... :)

I like it! Lots of pictures now... :)