Friday, April 13, 2007

ready to fight!

i did a year of kendo in my first year of univeristy
started with the interest of meeting Japanese friends
i had no idea what kendo was
but ended up staying for a year in the kendo club
because it was fun
the sport itself is quite opposited of my character
clear mind
it's all one on one
can you imagine me picking up a fight??
anyways, i stopped going for practice for like 3 years
not that i am not interested in it at all
just lack of time (what a lame excuse)
when i applied for the JETs position
i put down kendo for 1 year in my CV just to show them i am interested in Japanese culture!! (other than japanese TV dramas)
one of my collegues is a kendo teacher
and being friendly and all
he welcomed me with two brand new kendo swords when i arrived Japan
and found out where i can practice kendo
i didn't see myself picking up kendo again
but i couldn't say no to his generosity
so i started practicing again
the dojo i go to (dojo is the place where you practice) is all kids!!'s the cutest thing to see a little grade one kid in his full gear and practicing
as for me
i am just trying to retrieve my knowledge of kendo by quitely praticing on the side
the best part during the practice is i get to practice with the sensei (teacher) one on one when all the kids left
i think i am liking it more and more

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