Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taiwan 2008

i went to Taiwan last week...for about 6 days...mainly for my friend's wedding
it's trully a blessing for me to witness my dear friend's wedding
i wanted to cry...but i was busy helping her to change...haha!!
she was beautiful~~

I am happy.
because their love for each other is based on their love for God.
I am happy.
because seeing them, i know that true love does exist.

i also got to see some friends that i haven't seen in like 2, 3 years!!! it was GREAT!!! nice time catching up with each other~~ keep each other in prayers~


cindy said...

I'm glad you had fun!! Did you go to all the places you planned to visit? Btw, You look so cute with short hair!

hiukei said...

yea..i went to 九分~Fun!! and lots of night markets!! haha!! just kept eating eating and eating!! haha
thanks!!it grows fast...><