Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 2 in Taiwan

day 2 in taiwan...
the continue of the journey of taiwan gourmet!!

first...started off with a nice cup of soya milk!! YUM! favourite taiwanese breakfast: crepe like thing with egg and green onion

rice cake (mochi) with peanuts

from this stand..i bought fried taro cake


then..i ate some kind of rice in a form of saussage

HUGE meat ball.. cut in small pieces with vege in it

it's a mixed of fish ball...meat ball...raddish?? gosh!! i don't know!! haha but it was good

then...time for BEER!!!!!!!! it's so light!! haha tasted like Pierre

taiwanese soup noddles...with my fav. taiwanese style meat ball!!

my eating companies~ hehe! we had deep fried oysters too!! so good!

and time for sweets!! hong kong style sweet beans...tofu... DELICIOUS!!!

it's a surprise!! it's my fav hong kong dish!! and i found it in taiwan!!
it's shrimps wrapped in rice paper??...GOOOD!!

and the day 2 ended with superb delicious wanton!! it's so BIG and so GOOD!!!!!!!

it's about 11 pm...taiawnese ppl eat LATE!!!!!!! hah!
side note: taiwanese motorcyclist rocks!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

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