Monday, June 2, 2008

already june

it's already june!!
time really flies...

there are nothing much too new in life
except enjoying my days in Japan

i recently found a very nice bakery
it's very small, sitting in a corner of an alley
white with some red
i have never been to France but somehow to me it has a French atmosphere...
you know...little barkey that you can see in a France postcard

the bread there are sooooooo GOOD!
the croissant, the bagel, the loaf...hmmmm!
the owner and his wife are super nice people!
their honeymoon location was Quebec
which gives us a lot of topics to chat about

i will take some photos of it next time i go
the shop is called TA-NE
tane means seed in japanese

here is a webiste to the shop

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