Wednesday, September 17, 2008


attended my friend's wedding~
my first wedding in Japan!!!

with bride and bride's mom (aka haha)

the Hula team...hehe!!
yes...the four of us were asked by the bride to dance at the reception
it was so much fun!!!
too bad i don't have any picture of us dancing

fulfilled my job as a coordinator of international relations
which means promoting Canada
a long day of saying Hello!! and Thank you!!
but lots of fun!!

he is so cute with the canadian maple leaf!!

attended and participated in my town jr high sport day
i danced yosakoi (japanese traditional dance) with them
yea...i was trying to pretend to be a jr. high student..hehe!
again...too bad there is no picture of me dancing with my students...

ate indian food...
hmmm!! so good!!
the funniest thing is the waiter in the restaurant
it's my third time there but i had the hardest time trying not to laugh when he greets...hehe

biked along the lake
it's one of the five lakes in Fukui
the size is nothing compare to the 5 great lakes in Canada
but it was abosuletly beautiful~


Lucia said...

Ah...!! you look so beautiful and happy in these pictures!!

Where'd you guys go biking?
You get over here right this instant!!!

raven said...

no its not your first wedding????

hiukei said...

raven: it's my first wedding with the reception...hehe!!