Tuesday, September 2, 2008

september already

after 25 years, i finally realized which season i like the best.


how did i come up with this realization?
end of spring i am looking forward for summer
end of fall i am not at all excited for winter
end of winter i am so excited not because spring is next but because summer is coming soon
as for end of summer i become nostalgic
i don't want it to end

despite the humidity and the heat in japan
i like being under the sun
i like the fact that i can wear flip flop
i like the fact that everything is green
i like the fact that i can enjoy ice cream, shakes, coffee..or just food in general...outside
i like the fact that i can just leave the house without worrying on putting scarfs and mittens
i like the fact that daytime is longer

i miss summer
but fall is coming already
fall is always nostalgic
with the sentiment of missing summer
with the falling leaves
with the gray sky
everything is getting already to welcome winter
hmmmmmm.....maybe i should join hibernation

Happy Birthday Debbie!!!

1 comment:

raven said...

seeing your title i would recommend u to listen to green day's wake me up when september ends~