Monday, March 23, 2009


haven't blog in a while...

i think i play a rather 'stalker'-style role in this cyber world
what is new?

1. i got a DSLR camera...Yep! u heard me!! haha!!
it's the first expensive 'toy' i bought for myself since i started working
i am going to take lots of pictures!!

2. i had a brief reunion with my mom!! she was on her way to HK for my cousin's wedding and i was in Tokyo for meeting...timing was just right!!
2 days with my mom was short but precious!!
i got to know a lot of things about my mom that i didn't know before
it's strange to realize how little i know about the person who raised me and lived with for 20 something years...i need to be a better daughter

3. lots of graduation ceremonies...jr high school and elementary schools...
i was so touched at each of them
especially the one in a small elementary school.
i wasn't bawling like most of the students
but i was definitely teary...

4. Mr. Children concert
it was definitely the highlight of this month.
it was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (speechless)
the vocal has an AMAZING voice!!!
great music, lovely company, PERFECT

5. learning about love
as the last post
the theme in my church for this month was on LOVE
God has blessed my pastor so much
each week...i am learning something new about 'LOVE'
everyone desires to be loved
this desire cannot and will not be satisfied
other than God's love


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