Thursday, March 26, 2009


i love living by myself
i love solitude

but sometimes...i envy people who live with their family and are surrounded by friends

i am not being bitter
oh!not at all

i do enjoy my freedom
i do enjoy being independent

just sometimes...
i wish my family and my friends can be just a little bit closer

on family:
it can get quite overwhelming sometimes
after a day of work...tired and hungry
back home and you realized
-need to cook dinner
-a pile of laundry sitting there
-tomorrow is garbbage collect day
-dishes in the sink
-the bills (gas, electricity...etc)
what can you do but sigh, get changed, swallow up your tiredness, get yourself together and 'work' again

that's when i miss the days when
-dinner is ready when i am home
-laundry is dry and fold
-don't have to worry about not making the garbbage collect time...etc.
-i can occasionally be spoiled and lazy
-just have someone to chat with (mindlessly), joke with, fight with, tease with

i love my family and i miss them.
but i am thankful for the situation where God put me in
i think i am closer to my parents ever than before
i pray for them everyday (which i never did when i was living with them)
i share with them and seek guidance from them on spiritual and on just everything (mom, what is the recipe for...? dad, how do you fix the...? haha)

on friends...
hmm...i don't know how to put my feelings into words
just let me say that
during feb and the beginning of march aka my so-called 'TOUGH' period
i really really wished my close friends could be nearby
...loneliness and helplessness can be overwhelming sometimes

but again
i am thankful
when my close friends are not around
i realized that my closest friend is always next to me
He wept off the tear on my eyes
He turned my sorrow into joy
He is faithful
He is all mighty
He is 24/7 (YAY!!)

God is good
but it's still nice to have family and friends nearby...=D


hanying said...

Is anyone looking for someone to draft up a plan for their house in your town?? Heeheehee, I don't mind going there and keep you company :)

Congrat on your first DSLR!!!! Ooooh, I'm so jealous! Which one did you get?

hiukei said...

haha!! wanna start up a business over here?? we can be partners!! i can be your personal translator...and entertainer..cook..everything..haha!

i got Canon eos Kissx2.