Tuesday, November 24, 2009

movies weekend

Laputa is on TV!!!
oh! how i love Miyazaki Hayao's work~
Sheeta and Pazu...
i think i really should get the full collection of his works so i can watch them at home whenever i want.

finally rent the DVD...
what a movie!!!
it's saddening though...
but just say...i REALLY like it~

sunday: went to the cinema!!
(has it been a year?!?)
anyways, it's good!!
but definitely too scary for children to watch...or i am too chicken?!?

want to see:
- 'This is it'
- the Pixar moive with the old guy flying in his house with balloons...what's the title?!?

any suggestion for movies?!?
btw, melli, if you are reading this...what's the movie you told me with the french title?


its.me.melissa said...

hey hiu kei!
i finally watched kinky boots! it was very good!! as promised! thanks!
french movie....hm i forget which one i told you about. but check out "Hors de Prix" or in english "Priceless" with Audrey Tautou.
I also loved slumdog, you have to read the book! its even better!!!
which movie did you recommend again..the slow one about musicians? i forget the name (as usual)

Beth said...

the movie with the old man and the balloons is called UP. :)

hiukei said...

thanks so much!!
it's called UP?!?
they have a totally different name in japan~
i like UP much better~

Raven said...

laputa is my favorite ghibli work of all times, i watched it with h that night too~

and i watched slumdog on my plane to japan as well~